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‘When Y’all Gonna Give Shai Her Own Show?’: Bow Wow’s Daughter Shai Moss and Her Mom Joie Chavis Reenact a Scene from ‘Bad Girls Club’ and Fans Can’t Get Enough

For years, Joie Chavis and her daughter Shai Moss have taken social media by storm as the mother-daughter duo has showcased their many talents, including dancing and acting. The pair occasionally participates in dance challenges, comedic skits and reenactments.

On March 28, both Chavis and Moss were seen channeling their inner bad girl as they reenacted a scene from the television series “Bad Girls Club.” The specific moment they acted out occurred in season 15 after two cast members were bickering over the house’s cleanliness.

Joie Chavis and Shai Moss perform a skit from “Bad Girls Club.” Photo:@joiechavis/Instagram

Moss, who enters the camera frame by walking and rolling her eyes, starts the scene off by saying, “It would be nice to come back to a clean house.” Chavis responds while checking her phone in bed, “So clean it.” 

The 10-year-old then appears in her mother’s doorway and replies that she didn’t make the mess. She said, “Um, I didn’t do it do how about you clean it.” When Chavis denies Moss’ request by uttering the word “no,” she claps, saying, “Um yeah, ’cause you dirty.” 

The video wraps up with Chavis telling Moss to get out. In addition to the clip, the mother of two captioned the post alongside a laughing emoji, “Have a daughter they say.” As fans viewed Chavis’ upload, many expressed how Moss needed her own show, while an individual shared they would like to see the pair on reality television. 

“They need a reality show lol.”

“Shai need her own show.”

“Please give this child her own show these short videos are not enough for me. Shai is hilarious.”

“I want her to have a show so bad.”

“When y’all gonna give Shai her own show?”

Among the show remarks, others mentioned how Moss is more talented than her parents. Chavis shares Moss with rapper and actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. One wrote, “Joie is better than me because I’d be sick of my daughter upstaging me all the time lol Shai is so (fire emoji).”

Another said, “Shai will forever eat her parents up lol.”

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