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‘Plastic Surgery Bodies Got These People Heads Messed Up’: Fans Defend B. Simone After Trolls Poked Fun at Her Body, Comedian Responds

B. Simone is speaking out against body shamers.

The 32-year-old, who is best known for her work as a comedian on Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out” series, took to her Instagram Story on April 10, to relay an important message to trolls that made fun of her body shape.

B. Simone sends a message to trolls who ridiculed her body type following her Instagram post. Photo:@thebsimone/Instagram

B. Simone’s statement came after a post that showcased the star backstage getting ready to perform at Barclays Center in New York City.

She said, “The amount of negative comments on my body type is insane on my last post. I keep deleting them, and of course, I’m not going to respond, but I know what my body looks like. I know my a– is little. I know I ain’t got no hips. I know I got a little belly fat.”

The comedian added that although she has “more than enough money” to enhance her features surgically, she opted out because she wanted to “work with” what she has genetically.

She said, “That is my body and believe me I have more than enough money to change it. I embrace myself. If I don’t like something about myself I change it. Just like I got in the gym for a year and I lost 30 pounds. I can’t grow hips; it just don’t work like that. I can’t grow a bbl a–. It don’t work like that. I’m working with the genetic body that I have, and I love myself.”

B. Simone continued her rant by informing her followers not to tear other people down because it can negatively affect the targeted individual.

The B. Simone Beauty founder explained, “I truly love myself, so it doesn’t hurt me to my core. But there are a lot of people out there that it does hurt. So if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t tear people down because they don’t look like a f–king build-a-bear b–h. Don’t tear people down because it’s not your cup of tea. Just keep scrolling.”

Trolls poke fun at B. Simone’s body following this comedy post she shared on her Instagram page. Photo:@thebsimone/Instagram

B. Simone wrapped up the recording by disclosing that she knew what she looked like when she first uploaded the clip and didn’t care because of her love for herself.

While reiterating the importance of being kind to others, she said, “I know what my body looked like when I uploaded that video. I know them hips were nonexistent. I knew that. I know that, but I love myself. But just think about the people that don’t and think about the people it really affects. Just be quiet.”

As B. Simone’s Instagram Story circulated online, many applauded the star for speaking out. In contrast, others expressed how social media, cosmetic surgery and societal beauty standards have negatively impacted the world.

“So many people getting surgery they forget what natural bodies look like & this what drives to folks to get surgery.”

“Everybody’s body is different. Except the ones who get surgery all theirs look the same. Real bodys and real ppl matter. Nobody’s perfect in the real world.”

“It’s sad because y’all roast a natural body but praise a bought one that needs a touch up every 2 or 3 years.”

“Social media and plastic surgery bodies got these people heads messed up.”

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