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‘Latin B—–s Already Have the Upper Hand’: B.Simone’s Comments about DaniLeigh Dating Rapper DaBaby Rubs Fans the Wrong Way

B.Simone is facing backlash for her recent “Latin” remarks on Instagram Live. The comedian jokingly said she felt Latinas had “the upper hand” when addressing rapper DaBaby and DaniLeigh‘s relationship.

The “Wild N Out’ star, who formerly had a crush on the rapper, stated there were no hard feelings on the Dec. 16 recording regarding the couple’s dating announcement earlier this month. She commended DaniLeigh on mark 7:12 by saying, “The b—h is fly. I’m not a hater she is f—ing beautiful. She’s Latin. Latins b—–s already have the upper hand. They speak two languages and the f—ing spiciness is in your blood.”

Instagram and Screenshot
B.Simone (left), DaniLeigh and DaBaby (right). (Photos: @thebsimone/Instagram, @iamdanileigh/Instagram)

B.Simone added that she felt she was at a disadvantage because Latin women were born attractive. “They come out of the vagina sexy. How are you sexy at 2, b—h? You’re a f—ing infant. Why are you walking around in diapers sexy? I had to grow into my sexiness b—h. I’m still working on it.”

The comedian further elaborated that the “Easy” singer’s “toned body” is another reason why DaBaby claimed her. Regardless of the post’s meaning, many criticized B.Simone for belittling her features because they felt it could potentially give other people from different races a pass to disrespect a Black woman.

“No other race of woman gets on camera to put down the features of her race to elevate women of other races, some black women r just embarrassing man b.simone u a f—ing clown…”

“Women like #BSimone make ppl so comfortable disrespecting black women🤦🏿‍♀️ How we gone win if ppl on da boat drillin a hole in it when we not looking.”

“B Simone down playing the f–k outta blackness she keep talking about how that danni girl is this & that pretty much saying she better because she’s not black.”

“B Simone is a literal idiot. You’re degrading yourself saying Latin women have the upper hand? Because dababy is dating that normal looking girl no shade: girl get some self esteem.”

“I didn’t like that video of B. Simone gassing DaniLeigh for being a light-skinned Latina & how Da Baby upgraded with DaniLeigh instead of being with a Black woman [as herself]. DaniLeigh ain’t no different than any other attractive woman you see online.”

B.Simone (left) and DaniLeigh (right) form a mutual admiration society in the wake of B.Simone’s flattering remarks about DaniLeigh’s relationship with the DaBaby. (Photos: @thebsimone/Instagram, @iamdanileigh/Instagram)

The following day B.Simone responded to the negative feedback by posting a lighthearted video captioned “Seems like Siri is confused too 🤦🏽‍♀️ Let me ask Alexa.” The comedian also added that Siri, who was portrayed by actress Natalie Friedman, has her “f—ed up.”

She began, “I wasn’t going to address this sh-t, but here it f—ing goes! This generation is so f—ing stupid, that’s y’all think, if it trends, it’s true.” The comedian then enacts a sketch where she asks Siri who DaBaby’s girlfriend is. Initially, Siri says B.Simone, but after experiencing a glitch, the iPhone’s voice assistant changed her answer to “the beautiful, the thicker, the Dominican mami DaniLeigh.”

The comedic sketch didn’t go unnoticed by DaniLeigh. The 25-year-old showed B.Simone some love by reposting the video on her page with the caption, “😭😭😭😭😭 my babygirlllll she a real oneee fasho lmao.”

The “Wild ‘N’ Out” star returned the appreciation by commenting, “I’m bowing out gracefully, 😩🙌🏽 Siri tripping tho I think I need a new phone 🤔.”

B.Simone faced backlash earlier this year for plagiarism.

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