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‘I’m About to Cry’: B. Simone Says She Almost Had an Anxiety Attack When She Met Her Idol Jamie Foxx

A lot of us have people that inspire us, and the comedian, actress and rapper B. Simone is no different. In fact, Jamie Foxx is the person she looks up to, which makes complete sense if you look at both of their careers.

Foxx has been a triple threat in entertainment since his start. He’s gained major success in stand-up comedy. And as a singer he’s released five albums, including his 2005 smash “Unpredictable.”

B. Simone (left) talked about losing it when she met her idol Jamie Foxx (right) in Miami. (Photos: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

As an actor, he’s received both commercial success and critical acclaim, including winning the Oscar for Best Actor in the 2004 film “Ray,” where he played the legendary artist Ray Charles.

Like Foxx, Simone has also been known to light up a comedy stage with her unique brand of humor. And as a rapper, she can deliver vicious bars with seemingly very little effort. Just check out her “Raw Sh– Freestyle” that she dropped a video for last month.

Plus, in the acting space, Simone has appeared in films like “I Got the Hook Up 2,” and she also plays in TV One’s “Dear Santa, I Need a Date,” which premiered on Dec. 8. Simone has appeared on MTV’s “Wild ’N Out” as well.

The ambitious entertainer recently sat down with Atlanta Black Star and talked about looking up to Foxx and wanting to have similar success.

“I always say I want to be the female Jamie Foxx,” explained Simone. “I don’t want to compare myself to him or his legacy. I have 25 more years to go to catch up with that man and what he’s done in this lifetime. But he’s done music, acting and comedy and been taken serious in all three categories.”

“His music isn’t a joke, when he did Ray Charles it wasn’t a joke,” she added. “He dominated all three of those very, very well and I want to do that.”

Simone also talked about meeting the “Any Given Sunday” actor. She actually met him twice, but the first time he didn’t know who she was. The second meeting, however, went much differently.

“He was celebrating his birthday at LIV [nightclub],” Simone recalled. “I happened to be in Miami. I was out there working. I shot my cosmetic line, and he follows me [on social media]. He’s only been following me for a couple of months. He comments on my stuff, so I’m like, ‘If he sees me, he’s going to know who I am.'”

“And when I say that man saw me, he lit up,” she added. “He just started talking, ‘You’re a legend, you’re so funny, I watch you, I study you. Not only are you beautiful, you’re funny, you’re the best.’”

But the praise, although highly appreciated, overwhelmed Simone a bit.

“I’m like, ‘You’re giving me anxiety,’” she said. “I’m about to cry in the middle of the f–king club. You’re Jamie Foxx and you’re telling me how you watch me and I’m legendary. [He was like] ‘take my number.’ He was just so nice, so pure, his energy was magnetic. That’s my favorite comedian.”

And the encouragement Foxx gave Simone meant everything, she said.

“That’s confirmation I’m moving in the right direction,” she stated. “When you have legendary people like that telling you you’re doing it right, you’re doing it right. … It was a blessing. Great meeting him.”

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