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T.I. Lashes Out on Comedian Who Reportedly Mentioned Sexual Assault Allegations During Set, She Responds

T.I. appeared to have his own issues with a comedian this week after getting involved in a heated exchange with Lauren Knight during a recent show at an Atlanta-based nightclub after she joked about the recent reports of sexual assault allegations against the rapper and his wife, Tiny Harris.

According to Baller Alert, who initially reported the news, the incident took place on Monday, April 4, during an open mic event at Our Bar ATL. The “Live Your Life” emcee was spotted standing next to the stage shouting at Knight in a clip that since has made its way around social media. 

ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 1: T.I. performs onstage at Legendz Of The Streetz Tour at State Farm Arena on April 1, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

“There was no fu–ing crime. There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife,” the Grammy-winning artist shouted from the audience. “Shut the f–k up for a second! Hey, listen. No, no, no. As many times as you joke on that s–t, n—a, I’m gonna check yo mother f–kin’ ass as long as it takes. N—a, when you stop talking about it, when you stop playing with me and mine, I’ma stop saying something.” 

The emcee continued to throw obscenities across the room before Knight expressed her belief that the “Antman” actor “is innocent” of the allegations made against him, seemingly ending the discussion. She later told the crowd, “I truly believe it. Give it up for him. There are no charges.”

However, T.I., unsatisfied, quickly warned Knight to “stop playing” with him. The comedian made it clear to the Hollywood star that “This is not a rap battle. This is a mother f–kin’ comedy show.”

She added, “And be clear, if I want to make jokes about something, I’ll make jokes about something. Absolutely. You’re not going to tell me to shut the f–k up in my s–t. This is my s–t. Let’s be very clear.” T.I., who is still on stage next to Knight and embraces her before he snatches the mic stating, “No, it’s not.” His mic was cut shortly afterward.

The next day, Knight took to her Instagram account to address the heated exchange, where she revealed that T.I. showed up toward the end of the show, where he delivered a 30-minute stand-up routine. The hosts said that when she returned to the stage, that’s when T.I. lost it. 

I’m talking about marriage and shit, he keeps cutting me off, telling me to ‘shut the f–k,’ calling me all kinds of b–ches—heckling me,” she claimed. “So, I’m like, ‘All right, c’mon. Stop playing with me. It’s crazy, like you keep going and I can’t say nothing to you.” However,  Knight claimed the rapper kept asking her to take off her wig prior to their war of words.

Additionally, she uploaded a video of T.I. appearing to offer her a million dollars if she could produce a video proving he called her a “b–ch,” which she seemed to deliver in the second slide. “See it went from something simple that should’ve got squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me to justify some bullshit. Everybody is tripping. I just wanna do comedy. @troubleman31 run me my million,” she captioned the post.

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