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‘This Is More of A Testimony’: T.I.’s Stand-Up Comedy Routine Misses the Beat When He Jokes About Infidelity In Relationships

T.I. wears many hats in the entertainment industry. Not only is he a rapper and actor, but he’s also a producer. Now the Atlanta native is trying his hand at something else, and that is comedy.

On Thursday, T.I. ‘s wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, uploaded a video of T.I. doing some stand-up comedy. In the now-deleted video that was posted, T.I. discussed infidelity in his skit. The “What You Know” rapper also slightly touched on a topic that has been discussed by many, which is whether or not a person can be friends with someone of the opposite gender without crossing the line of intimacy.

Tiny Harris and T.I. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Walking back and forth on the stage, T.I. starts by saying, “If you ever get into the area of cheating, that’s no man’s land” adding that “it’s all right to have friends.” He then asked, “Can you be in a committed relationship and still have a friend from the opposite sex.” Many of the women in the audience can be heard saying “Yes” but the rapper added one condition saying, “Now, if you f-cking, it don’t count.”

Waiting for the crowd’s response, T.I. threw in his joke saying, “The ladies like, ‘Yes it do, it still count!’ See, y’all muthaf-ckas ain’t sh-t, man.” He then turned the tables on the women claiming that they are the real cheaters.

He said, “Ladies cheat! They ain’t better than us, so don’t get into the game because the sh-t is gonna be fucked up for you.”

Several social media users who saw the clip of his stand-up online apparently did not find the joke funny. In fact, many were confused on what the joke actually was. One person said, “Im still waiting on the joke.”

Others wrote off jokes of their own about T.I. “We knew he was trying comedy when he said can’t nobody outrap him. This ain’t new,” said one person who is referring to T.I.’s recent internet rant about him being one of the best in the rap game.

Another wrote, “This ain’t comedy, this is more like a testimony.” T.I. and Tiny have had moments where rumors of infidelity within their marriage made headlines. Despite Tiny filing for divorce several times, the two have constantly decided to stay together.

In fact, Tiny seemed to be one of the few people who seemed to still be supportive of the rapper’s recent comedy interests. One the video she wrote, “This guy @troubleman31 Add stand up comedian to my loves resume & he just getting started.”

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