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‘I Wish I Could Have Been a Fly on the Wall’: T.I. Shared That Mike Tyson Attended His Comedy Show in California and Fans are Losing It

T.I. revealed on March 19 that his good friend boxing legend Mike Tyson attended his comedy show at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California.

In the Instagram post, the 41-year-old described the interaction that occurred between the pair following his set in his caption alongside a stream of photos.

T.I. shared that boxing legend Mike Tyson attended his comedy show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California. @troubleman31/Instagram

Tip described how hung out with the former heavyweight boxing champ while also getting in a joke about Tyson’s latest business venture, cannabis-infused ear-shaped edibles called Mike Bites: “My Patna @miketyson pulled up on me tonight @laughfactoryhw to check out my set. Slide 2 I’m asking him if Holyfield was all ears when he told him bout his new eatables Maaaaan We kicked sh*t & Pushed P All night!”

As T.I.’s post went viral many expressed how great it was to see both men together. One individual claimed they wished they were a fly on the wall to hear the conversation between T.I. and Tyson. 

“Damn the conversation. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.”

“This is the picture of the day.”

“Dope pic!I know this was a great experience!”

“Sounds like a real good entertaining time.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised T.I. for trying something new despite being an established rapper and actor. One wrote, “Love seeing this honestly, first rapper turned comedian and he’s pretty good at it too, stage presence on point and his delivery ain’t half bad neither.”

Another said, “It’s so cool to see people that already made it in 1 area of life, start from the bottom again and chase something else! Cool points for TI!”

A third person stated “I give @troubleman31 a lot of credit for pursuing this comedy thing. Its both therapeutic and a big money maker! Good for him!”

T.I. began performing stand-up comedy earlier this year by discussing infidelity in one of his first sets.

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