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‘It Made Me Appreciate Everything in my Life’: Waka Flocka Opens Up About His Separation from Wife Tammy Rivera and Shares His Uncertainty About Any Reconciliation 

Last week, Tammy Rivera confirmed that she and her estranged husband, Juaquin “Waka Flocka” Malphurs were no longer together when disclosing details about her personal life and the pair’s reality series.

Tammy’s admission came months after a social media blog reported that the former couple quietly separated last September. 

Waka Flocka discusses his separation from his wife Tammy Rivera on “It’s Tricky” podcast with Raquel Harper. (Photo: TMZ/screenshot)

On March 31, Waka publicly discussed his separation with Tammy during an interview with TMZ’s “It’s Tricky” podcast. When host Raquel Harper asked the 35-year-old how he and his estranged wife are doing following their breakup, he said, “That’s my dog.”

Waka added while clarifying his previous statement, “People just want it to be all fighting and hating, something happened and it’s like hell no. We’re grown. Why is that when people evolve for the betterment, why do it have to be something attached to it that’s slimy as spit? It’s disgusting.”

The rapper wrapped up that portion of the discussion by bringing up the negative fan reactions both have received prior to the former couple publicly addressing the separation rumors. “Why it got to be so nasty if we ain’t nasty. It’s love though.”

When asked about reconciliation between the pair, Waka said, “Let’s get another question going. Anything besides that might be toxic, so …” The “Round of Applause” emcee switched the topic by disclosing that the biggest blessing in his life is getting to raise Tammy’s 16-year-old daughter Charlie Rivera. 

He said, “The biggest blessing I had in life I can always say was Charlie. I got the blessing to raise another human being, especially a young woman at that. See all the challenges that women go through, that s–t deep. That’s what actually made me feel like a role model and hero, number one.”

Waka continued, “Damn I’m actually number one in somebody’s life, that’s crazy. You know what I’m saying? That felt good. … That felt better than hearing a million people on stage. It made me appreciate the million people on stage. It made me appreciate everything in my life raising Charlie.”

Near the end of his conversation Waka proclaimed that his relationship with Charlie won’t change because he and Tammy have gone their separate ways. 

He stated, “So just to go back to your question about Tammy, there’s nothing that Tammy in the world can do to make me hate her. Just for the fact of Charlie. There’s nothing on planet Earth. So nothing can happen on that kind of level. Everything I would do will affect Charlie.”

As Waka’s response began circulating online, many praised the star for loving Charlie as his own daughter. 

“I love how he loves Charlie like she’s his own.”

“I love the relationship he has with Charlie.”

“That’s a true father regardless of him not being with Tammy he’s going to forever be in her life. I love that.”

“I love how Waka always treated Charlie step fathers I know that’s right.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others brought up how mature both parties have been despite their split. One wrote, “The maturity. Break ups don’t have to be messy. And I love that for them. I also love how he loves and treats Charlie.”

Another said, “Love them together and as individuals! Everything aint gotta be drama‼️”

Waka and Tammy have been married since 2014.

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