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‘Tears of a Broke Man’: ‘LHHMIA’ Fans Don’t Buy Emjay’s Tearful Plea to Girlfriend Amara La Negra After She Blasts His Opportunist Ways

It looks like Amara La Negra and Emjay are over for good.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” couple’s relationship hit a sour note after Emjay’s ex-girlfriend Annie came into town and spilled all the dirt on Emjay from the time they were dating.

Amara La Negra
Emjay and Amara La Negra VH1 screengrabs

On the March 2 episode, Annie met up with La Negra for lunch. She apparently dated La Negra’s ex-boyfriend 10 years ago and ended on bad terms with him. She suggested the “Insecure” singer was an opportunist and planned on riding La Negra’s coattail until her money was gone.

Annie also said Emjay was a “manipulator” and named everything he did for her in their relationship.

“He was a gentlemen, he opened doors, cut your meat, opened up your water bottle, carry your bags, I know Emjay,” said Annie. “Emjay’s going to make himself so indispensable in your life. He’s going to be the butler, he’s going to be your assistant, he’s going to be your lover, he’s going to smother the hell out of you and when s–t get bad, he ain’t going to never get no job. … If your coattail don’t take him to the bank do you think he’s going to pay your mortgage?”

Everything Annie told La Negra about Emjay seemed to resonate with her. She later confronted Emjay about what his ex told her and said she felt “betrayed.” La Negra took in her ex-boyfriend despite his not having a job and apparently dealing with financial issues.

Amara La Negra
Emjay and Amara La Negra VH1 screengrabs

Emjay claimed his ex-girlfriend didn’t want to see him move on and be happy with La Negra. He also admitted to making mistakes in his past relationship and said he was a changed man. He denied using La Negra for her money and called her the “love” of his life.

After La Negra made Emjay pack his belongings and leave her home, the aspiring male artist broke down into tears, claiming he “didn’t do nothing” and was being “punished” for his past.

LHHMIA” viewers, however, didn’t believe Emjay was sincere.

“Listen love don’t pay bills 😩 . When you’re taking care is a grown ass man that love and respect isn’t the same. She didn’t allow that girl to change her mind, she realized all she had been feeling was validated. He’s not holding his weight in the relationship”

“Amara tears are real! His is the tears of a broke man who gotta start over again 😩. Amara, you deserve better and can do sooooo much better”

“Emjay so use to using his charm to worm his way into women heart and then when it runs it course he dont understand why a man must have his own if its a job not paying much you go get another and another never depend on someone 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Others reacted differently.

“Ain’t gone lie I feel bad for both of them 💔 I can tell they really love each other. smh”

“This was all so sad some n—-s cheat some n—-s abuse all he did was have a bad ex f–ked up his whole happy home 👎🏾”

As of now La Negra and Emjay’s current relationship status is unknown.

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