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‘Keisha Holding Rudy Huxtable’: Keisha Knight Pulliam Sends Internet Into a Frenzy After Posting Adorable Pics with Daughter

Keisha Knight Pulliam’s daughter is starting to look just like her, according to fans.

Those fans who got a look at mommy and daughter through three photos from a mini photo shoot — which was covered by one of Pulliam’s brothers — are starting to believe her daughter, Ella Grace Hartwell, gets all her looks from mommy!

In the photos, Pulliam is wearing a leopard print shirt and green camouflage printed pants as she holds her daughter, who is also wearing an interesting ‘fit. Ella is wearing a shirt designed in the look of a Ketchup bottle; it reads “I got ketchup on my ketchup.”

Keisha Knight Pulliam and her daughter Ella Grace Hartwell (Photo: @keishaknightpulliam/Instagram)

Her caption reads, “Let’s take photos in the living room… my response ok!!! 📸: @mrpulliam.”
As if it wasn’t enough how cute the mommy-daughter duo looked in their photos, fans also noticed something else, that her 4-year-old resembles how Pulliam looked when she was that age.

One fan said, “You’re holding yourself.” Another fan said Ella looked like Pulliam’s famous role, Rudy Huxtable in “The Cosby Show.” That person wrote, “Keshia holding Ruby Huxtable!.😂😂..she is too cute!..❤️❤️.”

Fans noticed that 4-year-old Ella Grace Hartwell resembles how Pulliam looked when she was that age. (Photo: @keishaknightpulliam/Instagram and youtube screenshot)

Pulliam, who is currently engaged to actor Brad James, welcomed her daughter into the world in January 2017 with her ex-husband and NFL player Ed Hartwell. Only six months after Hartwell and Pulliam got married in 2016, Hartwell filed for divorce and asked Pulliam for a paternity test. Tearfully, Pulliam explained in an “Entertainment Tonight interview that she did not cheat but says that Hartwell was unfaithful to her. She also said that she did not want to be married to Hartwell any longer.

In 2019, shortly after his marriage to Pulliam ended, Hartwell married his alleged mistress, Tonya Carroll. They also welcomed a daughter named Sevynn Elise.

There hasn’t been a due date set yet for Pulliam and James’ marriage ceremony, but perhaps they’ve had some time during quarantine to plan some things out.

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