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‘He Didn’t Do That’: Fans Chime In After Macy Gray Learns LeBron James Was Laughing During Her Rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

LeBron James’ reaction to Macy Gray’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of the Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022, NBA All-Star Game between Team LeBron and the other side led by team captain Kevin Durant wasn’t hard to miss. 

The Grammy-winning singer hadn’t said much since her viral performance until recently when she took to her TikTok account where she asked fans whether they thought LeBron was seemingly laughing with her instead of at her. 

Macy Gray (L) and LeBron James (R). Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images, Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

“I heard he wasn’t but maybe,” she captioned a post of her side-by-side a clip of LeBron struggling to contain himself from giggling during the singer’s performance. “Y’all really think LeBron was laughing at me?” she added atop the clip.

Fans in the comment section reassured the actress that the athlete was not laughing at her, including one TikTok user who wrote, “He didn’t do that until he looked up.” They added, “I thought he smiled & put his head down he saw the camera was on him. You sounded beautiful.”

Another person commented, “You were amazing, and you sang it in the signature sound of Macy Gray, which is perfect.” A third person noted, “You sang the song like Macy Gracy, I love hearing… A unique voice queen, you keep doing what you been doing all these years, being you a real one.”

“Who cares,” declared the fourth person. “You’re an icon in my book and an original who can never be duplicated. We love you. I enjoyed your performance.”

Elsewhere, Macy also pinned a memo in her post writing, “FYI I’m dropping an NFT of this performance. ALL proceeds will benefit children & families affected by the war in Ukraine,” before providing the link to UNICEF for further information on the crises in Ukraine. 

Last week, eight years of tensions between Russia and Ukraine finally boiled over after Russia invaded the second-largest European country on Feb. 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the attack of the neighboring country over fears the country would join NATO.

The controversial leader believes an alliance with NATO would threaten his nation. The leader also thinks that Ukraine is illegally occupying land that is part of Russia. One million have escaped the ground since. 

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