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‘She Walk In Heels Better Than Me’: Joie Chavis and Bow Wow’s Daughter Shai Plays Dress Up In the Dancer’s Closet and Fans React 

Joie Chavis and Bow Wow’s daughter Shai Moss gave fans a run for their money on March 6, after the 10-year-old showcased her modeling skills while in her mom’s heels.

In the Instagram story shared on Chavis’ account, Moss, who wore an oversized pink shirt with black shorts, was seen accessorizing her causal look with two of the dancer’s heels as she paraded around in what appears to be her residence.

Joie Chavis and Bow Wow’s daughter Shai Moss has fans praising the 10-year-old’s mobility in her mother’s heels. Photo:@joiechavis/Instagram

The first clip showed Moss walking at an accelerated rate in the living room in black high-heeled shoes as her dog followed right behind her. The video then transitioned to another scene where Moss grabbed another pair of Chavis’ shoes from her closet.

Chavis said as Moss put on the green sparkly heels, “Get out of my stuff.” Moss replied, as she walked to the bathroom, “No. I’m taking all of your high heels. Oh, these are my favorite. Period!”

The recording ended with Moss striking a pose and Chavis laughing in the background. As Chavis’ upload found its way to social media blogs, fans brought up how impressed they were by Moss’ mobility in high heels. Many claimed she walked better in the shoes than most women.

“She walk in heels better than me”

“She’s walking better than most of us adult women in those heels.”

“It’s the fact Shai walk in heels better than me.”

“The fact that she know how to walk in those (look like) 6 inch heel at her young age is (fire emoji).”

“Well she was steppin in them black joints. Walk better in heels than me.”

Among the compliments, others defended the youngster from the negative response she and Chavis received following the video, which included remarks about if the recording was age-appropriate. A couple of individuals pointed out that Moss isn’t the only child that has played in her mother’s belongings.

One wrote, “All lil girls play in their mother’s closet and play dress up, and makeup don’t start with the ‘this isn’t cute.’ ” Another said, “That first walk lol and don’t come in here talking about she’s grown … every single last one of us was playing in our mom or auntie heels growing up!!”

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