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‘Ain’t She the Same One That Said Nicki Had a Ghostwriter’: Remy Ma Sparks Debate After She Seemingly Says Female Rappers Don’t Need to Write Their Own Raps

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj had one of the biggest rap beefs of 2017. The two rap queens have a decades-long history of dissing each other’s tracks such as Remy’s “ShETHER” and Minaj’s “No Frauds.” Each emcee received recognition for their creative punchlines, but Remy says “it’s not important.”

Last week, the Bronx rapper was questioned about female rappers gaining success with ghostwriters instead of using their pen. She told Math Hoffa “it’s not important” that women rappers don’t write their own music.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 30: Remy Ma attends Drake Presents “Til Death Do Us Part” on October 30, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

However, the former Terror Squad artist said she writes all of her music and will second-guess anyone who doesn’t.

“It’s not important, but I feel like nobody writes better than me,” Remy said. ”If I know you don’t write your s–t, I’m going to look at you crazy. I’m going to treat you differently. Me personally.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared video footage from Remy’s interview on Instagram, which sparked a heavy debate about the importance of rappers handling their own pen in the comments.

“Since when, though? She was the main one saying how it’s important for female rappers to write their OWN lyrics etc.”

“Maybe it’s not important to her, but I think it adds credibility.”

“If you can’t write, just say that.”

“Ain’t she the same one that said Nicki had a ghostwriter and tried to clown her for it.”

“I’m glad Nicki advocates the way she does for females writing their raps. Wtf is the point of rapping if you can’t write. Anyone can recite words.”

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef dates back to the early 2000s as up-and-coming New York emcees. Between 2008-2014, Remy spent six years of an eight-year sentence behind bars, while Minaj climbed the music charts with her “Pink Friday” album era. Following her release, Remy reignited their beef by dissing Nicki’s brother, Jelani Maraj, who was battling a child rape case. She also performed her Minaj diss track “Shether” at Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in their home state. Remy denied Nicki’s claim that Remy’s husband and rapper Papoose wrote “ShETHER.”

Fans in the comments are confused why Remy, who has written for others, would say it’s not important.

“Cus her husband write hers that’s why she feels that way.”

“Of course, she’s saying no; it’s not important now. Pap wrote ‘ShETHER.’”

“So Pap was writing them raps?”

“To be considered a ‘rapper’ and ‘lyricist,’ I feel that it’s really important to write your verses, in my opinion.”

“It’s not important for ANYone to write their own lyrics. Rappers have been having writers since forever. People just pick and choose who they want to criticize.”

Many understood, and others agreed with Remy’s thoughts, including one who brought up rapper Saweetie, who won Billboard’s 2022 Women in Music Game Changer Award for building a brand outside of music in today’s influencer world.  

They wrote, “They just gave Saweetie the Game-Changer Award … it’s not important.”

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