‘Omarion Gotta Be Embarrassed’: Apryl Jones Says She Should Have Slept With Rapper The Game

It doesn’t seem like Apryl Jones can stay out of the news, does it?

Because she’s been the topic of discussion ever since rumors started swirling that she and Lil Fizz were becoming more than friends.

Apryl Jones (left) said she should have bedded The Game (right) when she had the chance. (Photos: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Scott Dudelson/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Controversy arose because Jones is the ex of Omarion Grandberry, and they have two kids together. Plus, Grandberry and Fizz used to be in the group B2K together, so Fizz and Jones were blasted for getting together.

Jones is now receiving a lot of attention because of what she said on Tiffany “New York” Pollard‘s “Brunch With Tiffany” web series about The Game.

During the chat, the former “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star addressed an IG Live video that went viral over the summer, where she seemed to name some of the famous men who tried to sleep with her.

“Yes, I’m a celebrity because Omarion f–ked this p—y, and I got two kids by him, and now Lil Fizz wants to f–k this p—y and ’cause I’m a celebrity, because The Game wants to f–k this p—y, because A$AP wants to f–k this p—y … Shut up,” said Jones back then.

Jones’ interview with Pollard was published on VH1’s YouTube channel on Jan. 21, and she explained why she named all of those men during that Live session.

One reason was because the reality star had been drinking a bit of wine when it was recorded and, two, she wanted to give a sarcastic response to those who accused her of being promiscuous.

“I’m on my Lives like normal,” Jones explained. “I’m talking to my fans and people are on there, ‘Oh, you f—ed The Game’ or ‘Oh, you f—ed Lil Fizz, Oh you’re f—ing this person,’ and it’s like, ‘OK, at this point you’re right. I f—ed every single one of them,’ ’cause that’s what y’all want to hear.”

“Not that I have [slept with those men], and I would have no problem saying I should’ve,” she added. “Well, I should’ve f—ed The Game when I did have the opportunity. I didn’t.”

People had plenty to say about the interview after it was shared.

“She outta pocket now smh 🥴,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Omarion gotta be sooo embarrassed 😔😔 ,” another person stated.

“Why she feel the need to name drop everyone 🤔🤔,” someone else wrote.

“Game fina slide rite in dem dmz 😂,” another comment read.

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