Fans Praise Tracee Ellis Ross for Getting Real About Her Body: ‘The Most Relatable Thing I’ve Seen’

Tracee Ellis Ross left fans in tears on Feb. 2, after taking a comedic approach when discussing the benefits of massaging one’s belly.

According to Healthline, an abdominal massage can help aid in several factors such as weight loss, strengthening stomach muscles, increasing the abdomen’s blood flow, relieving constipation and reducing bloating and menstrual pain. 

Tracee Ellis Ross hysterically tried to explain the benefits of massaging one’s belly, but kept bursting out in laughter. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In the Instagram clip, Ross, who wore a sports bra and black leggings, is seen rubbing her stomach while informing her followers that she’s doing this treatment to help drain her lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system helps keep body fluids stable and fight infections; a person in poor health can experience swelling throughout the body. One way to alleviate the swelling is by doing a lymphatic drainage massage.

The 49-year-old said as she began to laugh, “I was told to massage the belly. I think that’s too much, but I’m going to do it anyway. I got to massage it so that the lymphatic drainage… I got to moisturize and massage.”

The video continues with Ross pointing out the swelling in her lower abdomen. “I’m trying to make this, there’s like this section here they say it comes when you’re older, this. Not my butt that flows over, that’s something different.”

Ross wrapped up the video by rubbing her belly and showcasing her toned physique. In addition to the recording, the actress jokingly captioned the post, “‘I was told to massage the belly’…. ummm, by WHO??! Girl, stop. Ain’t nobody told you that also why am I out of breath.”

As fans viewed Ross’ upload, many praised the star for being transparent and relatable when talking about her body.

“I seriously freaking love you!!!! Love your realness! You’re truly gorgeous but I love how you truly make us nonfamous people feel normal looking the way we do.”

“We love you sooo much It’s the transparency and zero f–ks given for me.”

“This the most relatable thing I’ve seen in a minute.”

“Thank you for being a real person on here.”

 “I love her! So transparent and unapologetic.”

Among the positive responses, others brought up Ross’ noises when massaging her belly. One wrote, “It’s the purring for me.” Another said, “It’s the sound effects & Tracee skin looks so soft.”

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