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‘U Ain’t Slick Ms. Ross’: Tracee Ellis Ross Workout Video Derails When Fans Focus on Her Derrière

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ workout video on Oct. 9 gets sidetracked after fans zoomed in on the 48-year-old’s greatest asset, her butt.

In the post, captioned, “Is this what they mean when they say cuffing season!?I see you @markwahlberg!” Ross is lying down on a massage table with smart cuffs clipped on both of her thighs, which seemingly enhances the view of her derriere.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ workout video gets derailed after fans solely focus on her butt. @traceeellisross/Instagram

Smart cuffs or Blood Flow Restriction cuffs (BFR) limit blood flow safely from the working muscle while letting the arterial blood flow enter. This strength training helps users see and feel the results sooner.

Ross called out the actor Mark Wahlberg while using the cuffs. During an interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Wahlberg credited his weight loss last summer to changing his diet and using BFR cuffs. She said while pointing at the cuffs, “What’s his name, Mark Wahlberg? You’re not the only one, Mark Wahlberg. … I’m smart cuff too.”

When the “Girlfriends” star’s fans began to view the video, many suggested that Ross had ulterior motives when she uploaded the clip. One even questioned what Mark Wahlberg had to do with her butt being clearly noticeable in the recording.

“Girl you got some junk in your trunk.”

“What TF does Marky Mark have to do with your Booty?”

“U ain’t slick Ms.Ross.”

“Look at all that [peach emoji] on the table.”

“Its the cakes for me…”

This isn’t the first time Ross’ butt caused a massive commotion among fans. Last year, the “black-ish” alum took to her now-deleted Instagram Story to address a viral photo of her that was photoshopped. Ross uploaded a side-by-side of the original image that was taken in 2015 and the 2020 altered photo.

She captioned it “my actual booty,” and “looks like someone tried to round me up to the nearest dollar.”

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