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‘LeBron Won In the Game of Life’: Savannah James’ New Look Stirs Up a Frenzy on Social Media, Fans Bring Up LeBron

Savannah James prepped for the upcoming fall season on Oct. 20 by debuting a new look.

In the Instagram post shared on her hairstylist King Carter’s page, James is seen flaunting her auburn-colored hairdo in various poses while wearing casual attire. With the short clip, Carter included the caption, “The QUEEN is ready!” 

Savannah James’ new fall look leaves fans mesmerized. Photo:@King_carter90/Instagram

Almost immediately after Carter uploaded the recording, the 35-year-old thanked the stylist for working his magic. She said, “Thank you for keeping me tuhgetha babe!!” A short time later, James also reposted Carter’s video on her respective Instagram account.

As the clip went viral on social media, fans kept mentioning the Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and how lucky he is to have his wife.

Savannah James thanked her stylist King Carter for getting her together. Photo:@king_carter90/Instagram

“LeBron is a Lucky man fr fr.”

“LeBron won in the game of life. That’s it that’s the tweet on IG.”

“The Glow of a well-cared-for wife…Salute to Black Love.”

“Baby LeBron knew what he was doing.”

Among the LeBron comments, a handful of others complimented how beautiful she looked. One wrote, “She is absolutely a beautiful black queen.” Another said, “Just beautiful! You better give us model looks!” An Instagram user claimed that James was on a list of top-three basketball wives. That person stated, “Definitely top 3 baddest basketball wife.”

James showed off her latest look, but not her first that she’s received from Carter. In honor of her 35th birthday in August, James rocked a short blond curly bob with a black dress. She wore that look to a surprise party her husband LeBron threw for her. The festivities included a ton of celebrity guests, a musical performance by R&B singer Giveon and the NBA player’s rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song.

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