‘Never Have I Seen You Iron’: Gabrielle Union’s Fashion Video Goes Left After Dwyane Wade and Fans Zoom In on This Minor Detail

Gabrielle Union‘s behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot on Jan. 30 took a bit of a detour after fans noticed a slight mishap when the actress ironed her pants. 

In the Instagram reel, a 15-second multi-clip video, Union was seen wearing a dark navy blue blazer and black heels. In the first half of the recording, Union appeared to be ironing her pants as she seductively posed for the camera. 

Gabrielle Union’s fashion upload derailed after fans pointed out that the iron prop that she was using on the set of her photo shoot wasn’t plugged in. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

The 49-year-old was documented putting on her pants in slow motion as the video continued. The reel ended with Union taking a break from her shoot and moving to a different location. In addition to the clip, the “L.A.’s Finest” star captioned the upload, “Typical morning routine.” 

When fans viewed the actress’ post, many brought up the iron she used on the undisclosed set, with a handful of comments mentioning how the appliance was unplugged. An Instagram user even listed that the lack of steam coming from the iron indicated that it wasn’t on. 

“Is it even plugged in!?!?”

“You forgot to plug the (cord emoji) in.”

“No steam…..is it really on.”

“Iron is unplugged………..lol”

“Is that iron plugged in?”

Dwyane Wade calls his wife Gabrielle Union out for creating a persona that she actually irons while sharing a behind-the-scenes clip of a photo shoot. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Among the iron remarks, Union’s husband, Dwyane Wade, decided to call the star out for suggesting that she actually irons in real life in her caption. He wrote, “Let’s play never have I…. Never have I seen you iron.”

This isn’t the first time Wade has put his wife on blast for planting stories to the public. In November, while promoting his photographic memoir, “Dwyane,” the former professional basketball player revealed that Union’s previous claim of him owning a poster of her while he attended college was false. 

He said during his appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “So, my wife is a bigger celebrity than me, and she gets to come on your show, and other shows way more than I. So, she planted this story. This is a planted story. This did not happen, people.”

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