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‘It’s the Song Ending for Me’: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Kaavia James Leaves Fans In Tears After Stealing Her Aunt’s Hat

Kaavia James had the internet rolling after a video of her stealing her aunt’s hat was posted on Instagram, likely by her mom Gabrielle Union or dad Dwyane Wade.

Gabrielle Union’s sister, Tracy Union, began recording a video while talking to her niece, Kaavia. The adorable 3-year-old had taken off her aunt’s baseball hat and was wearing the hat herself. Furthermore, she declared that she would not be giving the hat back to her aunt.

Tracy Union tries to retrieve her baseball hat from her niece Kaavia James. @kaaviajames/Instagram

The video begins with the little girl saying that Union didn’t feel well. Union noted she wasn’t feeling well because Kaavia had taken off her hat. When Union asked her niece for her hat back, the toddler refused and said the hat was hers.

“Can I have my hat back please?” asked Union.

“It’s mine,” stated Kaavia.

“No ma’am, that is my hat,” replied Union.

With that, Kaavia broke out into a song and dance, which ended with the declaration that the was hers and auntie wasn’t getting it back, either.

“This hat is mine,” sang Kaavia. “And you can’t have it back!”

The caption with the video noted that possession was 9/10ths of the law. “Possession is 9/10ths of the law, so you outta luck Tia. I don’t make the rules, I just sing about them. #ShadyBaby. PS my Tia is the poo, take a whiff @t_to_the_u.”

Fans loved the adorable video, and many commented on how cute Kaavia was singing and dancing with her new hat.

“Kaav Debo’d her hat and told her in a song that she wasn’t getting it back,” said one fan.  

“She came up with a freestyle to claim your hat,” said another Instagram user. “She sang what she sang,” replied another fan.

“Lol. A whole song!!!! Song [music emojis] And you can’t have it back.”

“It’s the song ending for me,” said another.

“She had that song written down for this day,” said one fan.

You can watch the adorable video below.

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