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‘That Would Not be the Way I Would Tell Y’all’: Jordyn Woods Explains Photos That Sparked Pregnancy Rumors

Jordyn Woods wants to make it clear she’s not expecting.

The model recently posted several photos of her in Portland and in a few photos she and her man Karl-Anthony Towns had gone into a Nike store. Most of the pictures were of her rocking a black jumpsuit and a matching set of Louis Vuitton heels and jacket.

Jordyn Woods explains photo that had fans thinking she was expecting. (Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

Nothing seemed abnormal with Woods’ pictures until people got to the third photo, which showed Woods holding a tiny Nike box in her hand. Many thought that she was hinting to her fans that she was pregnant with what would have been her first child with boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns.

However, after seeing all of the commotion and speculation in her comments about her possibly being pregnant, Woods decided to bring some clarity to the photo. She posted the question box on her IG story and told her followers to “ask me something.” Of course, one fan asked if she was pregnant after she posted what they thought was a baby shoes box. She answered, “It was a gift card box. And no I don’t want kids right now nor am I pregnant.”

The 24-year-old also wrote, “I’ve been wearing baggy clothes because it’s cold AF!!! Minnesota was -4. Also I’m always cold AF regardless that’s why I’m trying to get my iron up.” She later added another slide in her story, saying, “Trust me If I was that would not be the way I would tell y’all. I thought it was cute because it was so little. It’s a gift card box.”

Woods’ most recent posts have been of her supporting her man on the sidelines as he dominates the basketball court. Towns plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the team won two games this week against the Brooklyn Nets and the Portland Trail Blazers. On Thursday, they lost to the Golden State Warriors; they will face the Phoenix Suns on Friday.

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