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‘Hey Are You My Cousin Took Me Out’: Fans React After Viewing Tiny Harris’ Clip of Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Heiress Discussing Her Newfound Fame

Tiny Harris left fans in tears on Wednesday, Jan. 26, after uploading a clip of her daughter Heiress Harris, opening up about her newfound fame while shooting a cooking show with her cousin Kamaya. Kamaya is the daughter of T.I. Harris’ late sister Precious.

In the Instagram post that showcased a preview of the episode that premiered on the pair’s YouTube channel, Heiress and Kamaya were seen discussing the recent events in the 5-year-old’s life while the duo made meatballs.

Tiny Harris (right) and Heiress Harris (left) Photo:@majorgirl/Instagram

Kamaya said while mentioning Heiress’ viral “Happy Birthday” video and her Atlanta performance with two Xscape members, “I saw you singing, and you were singing happy birthday to somebody. Then I heard you were singing somewhere special I ain’t gone say where.”

The clip then cuts to her guest appearance onstage with Xscape members LaTocha and Tameka Scott. Heiress appeared in the Atlanta concert with the Scotts last month in place of her mother after Tiny and Kandi Burruss were exposed to COVID-19.

When the video returned to the cousins cooking, Kamaya praised Heiress for her singing abilities. “I heard you. You a star and I’m just pleased to know you. Cause I can’t wait for you to perform and I say ‘That’s my cousin.’ You feel me.”

Kamaya then asked her if she would “act” differently when she became famous. “You going to act Hollywood? Don’t act like you don’t know me when you get all big and stuff. You going to act like you don’t know me?”

The recording ended when Heiress quickly responded, “No…I might not notice you, but I might be like, ‘Hey, are you my cousin?’ ”

Tiny Harris uploads a video of her youngest daughter Heiress Harris talking about her newfound fame. Photo:@majorgirl/Instagram

In addition to the video, Tiny captioned the upload, “Them damn @_thecookingcousins at it again @heiressdharris & @kamayadaplug follow them on YouTube #TheCookingcousins.” As fans viewed the clip, many brought up Heiress’ response to her cousin’s question and expressed how funny it was.

“Screaming But if she ain’t the cutest and smartest I love me some Heiress.”

“Lmbo… Heiress gonna say it like it is. Like girl imma be busy!”

“I can’t with her lol. I might not notice you.”

“I may not notice you but I’ll be like hey are you my cousin took me out.”

“lol wait a minute, Heiress agreed she wont act like she don’t know you but said she “might not notice you” kind of the same thing. So funny! Smart, cute and talented. That star is getting brighter and brighter.”

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