‘Legs for Days’: Tia Mowry Stuns Fans with This Hot Pink Suit

Tia Mowry‘s fashion post blew up on Jan. 24 after the actress’ legs became the main attraction.

In the Instagram Reel, a 15-second multi-clip video, Mowry enters the scene in all-white look that featured a crop top paired with a long-sleeved jacket and matching pants. The recording continues with the 43-year-old doing various poses to Qveen Herby’s 2019 track “Vitamins.”

Tia Mowry stuns fans in a hot pink number while uploading a new fashion post. @tiamowry/Instagram

Following the modeling stances, Mowry then sits on an ottoman with a blazer and a jumpsuit placed atop it. As the “Family Reunion” star sat down her outfit switched from the previous white ensemble to the hot pink blazer, magenta jumpsuit, and red pumps. Mowry ended the clip by dancing out of the frame.

In addition to the video, Mowry informed her followers how she planned to tackle her Monday. She wrote, “Who isss she?! Walking into Monday with that good energy and positive vibes!” 

As fans began to view “The Game” star’s upload, many couldn’t get over how “amazing” Mowry’s legs looked. A couple even mentioned how the short jumpsuit helped accentuate her features. 

“LEGS!!! Fabulous and gorgeous, Tia! Love your beautiful energy!”

The two outfits Tia Mowry wore in her recent fashion upload. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

“Your legs are made for shorts. You are beautiful!”

“Legs for days. Go Tia!”

“Giiirl it’s the legs for me.Beautiful.”

“Your legs look AMMMMMAZING in that short outfit and the color looks good on you too.”

Among the praise over Mowry’s legs, others complimented the star’s overall looks. One wrote, “Here she goes slayin again!!! What we gonna do with this queen!!”

Another said, “So we just waking up showing out?? Ok, then, Mrs. Mama!!!”

A third Instagram user claimed that Mowry’s fashion post was their inspiration for the week. They stated, “This is the energy for the week!! A WHOLE MOOD!!!!!”

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