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‘Pay Attention’: T-Pain Shares Advice for New Artists Signing Contracts

T-Pain took some time during his Jan. 21 appearance on “The Real” to offer tips to new artists who are in the process of signing recording contracts. 

The Grammy award-winning singer, who was promoting his competition series “Go-Big Show,” encouraged individuals to pay attention and read the legal documents before making a final decision. The reason behind T-Pain’s advice was because he claimed new artists could be easily tricked when provided cash advancements while going over negotiations. 

T-Pain offers advice to new artists signing record deals while appearing on “The Real.” (Photo: The Real Daytime/YouTube)

T-Pain said, “Just pay attention. That’s really the most common thing amongst new signees and anything like that. People just don’t pay attention. They see the money first and they’re like, ‘Whatever I gotta do. Whatever I gotta do to get this money, I will just sign. Just give me this money and I’ll sign wherever you want me to sign.’ A lot of people do that.”

The 37-year-old added while recounting his own experience of not reading a contract thoroughly and briefly highlighting the effects. “A lot people have done that. I’ve done that. So being on both ends of the spectrum, the signee and the signer, it’s not fun when you find out later on there’s some pages in that contract that you probably should have paid attention to. So just pay attention. Read everything no matter how long it takes.” 

T-Pain wrapped up his statement by reiterating the significance of reading the documents beforehand and looking up phrases one may not know. 

He said, “The money will come, you are not going to miss it. It’s not going anywhere. The deal isn’t going to go away, even if they tell you that this deal expires. Don’t believe that, take as long as you need, read everything you need to read. If you don’t understand a word in that contract look it up. Don’t gloss over it.”

This isn’t the first time T-Pain has shared advice to his fans. Earlier this month, the “Bartender vocalist ensued a social media debate about professionalism when seeking employees for his record label Nappy Boy Entertainment. 

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