’50 Is About To Go Off’: 50 Cent Fans Issue Warning to T-Pain After He Shares Hilarious Story About the Rapper Moisturizing His Hands

T-Pain shared a hilarious story about a “thoughtful” interaction he had with fellow rapper 50 Cent.

The “Bartender” artist recalled the moment during a livestream of “Nappy Boy Gaming” on Twitch. He described the music and television mogul as a “thoughtful” guy and told a room full of people that Fif once moisturized his hands while they were shooting a music video.

T-Pain and 50 Cent. (Photos: @tpain/Instagram; @50cent/Instagram)

The “Jerry Sprunger” artist revealed that Fif noticed his dry hands and came to the rescue with a bottle of lotion.

“Hey! Let me tell you somethin’. Listen, yo … I’m not trying to like, shame him or anything, like, I’m just saying how thoughtful he is. The n—a saw that my hands were ashy,” T-Pain said. “He put lotion on my hands.”

“And you let ’em?” replied someone in the background as several people laughed.

“We was shootin’ a video,” he continued. “This was 50 Cent. The n—a grabbed my hands and was gettin’ in between my fingers and s—t.”

After someone else in the background asked if he just sat there as the “In da Club” rapper moisturized his hands, T-Pain replied, “Absolutely, you know why? ‘Cuz the n—a got muscles, you know what I’m saying?”

Fans reacted to the clip on social media, and some thought getting their hands lotioned by 50 Cent sounded “amazing.”

“I usually don’t care forn 50 but in that instance he wasn’t wrong cuz they’d still be talkin bout his ashy knuckles on that jawn.”

“Patiently Waiting for 50 to say something about this…”

“50 is about to go off on him on insta.”

A few individuals pointed out that Black folks don’t let each other go outside looking ashy.

“People fronting in these comments,” wrote one fan. “Our folks don’t let you go out looking ashy. That’s real family sh*t right there. Hold your palm out with lotion on it to a black person and they going to grab it. Ain’t nothing gay about it. Just a collective we grew up the same.”

Another said, “The New Yorker way of saying we f—ks  with you not stop embarrassing us and moisturize lol.”

T-Pain didn’t say on which video shoot the 48-year-old slayed his ashiness, but the duo appeared in the video “No Dejemos Que Se Apague” by Wisin & Yandel back in 2010 together. He and 50 also collaborated on a remix of T-Pain’s single “Can’t Believe It.”

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