‘There’s No Excuse’: T-Pain Doubles Down on His Comments About Professionalism Using This Latest Issue as an Example

It’s been just about two weeks since T-Pain sparked a debate about professionalism on social media and now it looks like the “Buy You a Drank” singer is dropping more free knowledge about the subject.

The artist shared on a Jan. 16 Instagram post that he had an unexpected and last-minute cancellation of his booking of the film set he’d planned to use, but instead of making excuses he researched on Instagram on how to create a set for himself. He wrote, “Went and got a bunch of sh-t out of the garage. Moved some furniture around.”

T-Pain opens up once more about professionalism. (Photo: @tpain/Instagram)

Crediting his wife he added, “Hired the lovely @panpan2211 as my production assistant. Then sat my ass down while she did most of the work.” He then went on to explain how his message tied into the previous statements he’s given up-and-coming artists who have poor sound quality in their music.

He wrote, “All them ppl that get pissed off at me when I rate their music and I tell them there’s no excuse for your sh-t to sound bad and they all go ‘well not everybody has a bunch of money to spend on fancy equipment’ and I’m like. Bro.”

The 37-year-old assured fans that “It don’t take nothin but imagination and research.” Detailing how he got his homemade setup, he said, “I woke up this morning and literally looked up ‘how to properly light green screen’ and ‘how to shoot green screen with things around the house.’”

He added a picture of a photo of his wife steaming the green screen sheet to get the wrinkles out. Previous to this message, T-Pain was preaching that having a social media page with your work on it was not enough for him to want to hire you.

He tweeted, “I’m not going to your Instagram to check your sh*t out. Be professional and make a reel or a website. If Instagram is the height of your professionalism then you won’t fit over here anyways.”

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