T-Pain Shockingly Reveals How He Makes More Money Gaming Than Making Music

Hip hop artist T-Pain has created various streams of revenues outside of music including NFTs, and streaming platforms. The Florida native regularly spends time documenting his gaming on Twitch, the streaming platform where subscribers pay to watch live broadcast of game competitions around the world and other creative content.

“I’m making more money off these video games than I’ve made in the last four years,” Pain said during a resurfaced clip from his appearance on “Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast.” “Just playing them. Playing video games.”

T-Pain Shockingly Reveals How He Makes More Money Gaming Than Making Music
AUSTIN, TEXAS – MARCH 16: T-Pain performs at the Empire Control Room during the 2022 SXSW Conference and Festival – Day 6 on March 16, 2022 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

T-Pain’s episode was released in June 2021, despite The Shade Room and other outlets reporting it as “recent.”

For confirmation, comedian Steve-O asked, “So from your twitch stream, you’re getting more revenue than from music?” and T-Pain proudly replied, “Yeah.”

For someone who considers himself “trash” at video games, the 37-year-old artist believes he makes so much money on Twitch “because it’s authentic…it’s organic.”

“And I think that’s what makes it better,” he continued. “There are definitely good players out there that make a ton of money but I think the entertainment that comes from somebody like me being trash at it…I think is more valuable.”

Pain admitted he only uses Twitch twice a month. His site currently has 845K followers and its bio reads “President and CEO of Nappy Boy Gaming.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Pain explained how his music career began to sink after he went broke from reckless spending. The Auto-Tune crooner feels if he had had better knowledge of finances initially that his music career would have lasted longer.

He said, “After I went through that whole episode I found out if I would have known that other artists have gone through this, people I look up to, if they would have just said, ‘Look, it’s not all great. It’s not gonna be fine this whole time.’ If I would of known that, I would have been mentally prepared, first of all, I would have prepared myself financially. I would have put something aside.”

T-Pain is still making music and released his recent track “Just The Tips” in May. He’s also headlining his first independent tour, “The Road to Wiscansin Tour,” with special guests Erica Banks and Young Cash.

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