T.I. Tells Fans That ‘Nobody F-cking’ with Him When It Comes to Rapping, Name Drops Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas and Pusha T

T.I. wants people to put some respect on his name and stop downplaying his skills when it comes to rapping. The rapper, who also claims to be The King of the South, recently spoke on Instagram in a now-deleted video, confidently stating that “ain’t nobody f–king with me” in the rap industry.

He started off saying, “Motherfuckers can’t f-ck with me in no way, shape, form, or fashion when it comes to doing no music, man. I got a lot of other s–t going on so I don’t do music like on no consistent basis. I don’t depend on that s–t to feed me. You hear me.”

T.I. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

The father of seven continued on proving his case as to why he believes and knows he is the best. He said, “when you’re talking about doing music, when you’re talking about cutting records, n–ga, you talking about putting shit out, talking about making sh-t that’s better than anything out there. Man, ain’t nobody f–king with me. Nobody f–king with me, bruh.”

He went on to say even if the listener prefers another artist over him, it does not mean that they are actually a better artist. “Now you might like somebody else better,” he said. “There might be somebody else, you know ‘I like this better than I like T.I.’ Okay, fine. Because you like them better. That’s cool. That’s your preference “That’s cool; that’s your preference. But n–ga, when it comes to putting sh-t out, ain’t nobody f–king with me, man.”

T.I. said that he felt the need to explain himself because sometimes people get things “twisted and tangled.” So he’s come to straighten them out and let them know that, “When it comes to getting behind that motherf—ing mic, n–ga, putting some shit to music, ain’t nobody f—ing with me, n–ga. None of them.”

The “Let’s Get Away” artist assertively said that even the other artists in the hip-hop realm are aware of his talent. “To the point where they don’t even wanna be on the same record with me, n–ga, because they know they can’t f–k with me. You ain’t never heard of me on no record with nobody and they dusted me, n–ga,” he said.

He dropped some rap legends’ names, alluding to the fact that his music could go toe to toe with theirs. “Jay, Nas, Wayne, Ye… n–ga, that’s who you need. Bring them. Pusha T. Yeah, all them,” he said.

T.I. ended his video by saying he would continue to put out music and prove to everyone why he is the best and why “nobody f—ing” with him.

In the meantime, T.I. is getting ready to release what he said last year might be his final album called “Kill the King.” He has not given a release date, but on Saturday he released three snippets of a few songs from the album.

As for whether fans agree with T.I.’s proclamation, reactions are mixed.

One person agreed, saying, “TI is definitely in the same group as the guys he named.”

Someone else felt the opposite. That person wrote, “Ludacris would destroy TI. Sorry bruh… we love your music but you’re not on jay, Wayne and Kanye level. No disrespect just truth.”

Another added, “Rappers be havin big rap egos like they can’t sit back and just be a ceo and bring in new artist and take a step back from rappin only person to do that is jay.”

What do you think?

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