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T.I.’s Shoe Flex Post Derails When Fans Take Issue with the Rapper’s Claim: ‘That Does Not Look Like One Wear’

A social media post regarding T.I.‘s position on discarding sneakers after wearing them once went left on Wednesday, Jan. 19, when fans took issue with his online claim.

In the Instagram upload, the 41-year-old shared an image of seven pairs of white Air Force Ones on the floor in what appears to be his home.

T.I.’s shoe flex goes left after fans point out the minor mishap in his post. Photo:@troubleman31/nstagram

Although T.I. didn’t disclose what he planned to do with the sneakers, he did, however, inform his followers that they wouldn’t be in his possession for long. He said in the caption, “1 wear & outta there.” 

As the rapper’s post began circulating on social media, many brought up the sneakers’ run-down appearance despite T.I.’s previous claims of only wearing each pair once. Several individuals even theorized the many times the “Live Your Life” emcee actually wore the shoes. 

“He wore them for 10 expeditious days each.”

“Only one pair MAY have been worn once. Some of these are beat up. He lying.”

“Each pair were worn THOROUGHLY idk why he lying.”

“Did he have them on for an extended period of time because I sense he capping.”

“That does not look like one wear. Unless he’s kicking up dirt everyday.”

In addition to the remarks about the appearance of the sneakers, others expressed that T.I.’s flex was unnecessary. One wrote, “I don’t expect to see these types of posts from 41-year-old men. Donate your shoes on and move around B. We don’t need this info.”

Another said, “This is the most corniest flex ever I hope you donate them to the less fortunate after.” A third Instagram user stated, “Is this supposed to be cool or impress people. We have to do better.”

This isn’t the first time T.I. has received a less-than-favorable reaction from fans for excessively showing off his luxury lifestyle. In December, the “Bring ‘Em Out” lyricist received backlash for giving fans a view of the galaxy ceiling feature that was installed in his bathroom.

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