‘Make This Happen’: Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas Urges People to Stop Glorifying Violence After His Artist Wavy Navy Pooh Is Killed

It’s another sad day for hip-hop in the aftermath of up-and-coming artist Wavy Navy Pooh being shot and killed in Miami on Friday. Before his passing, Wavy Navy Pooh was discovered and signed by Quality Control Music. Pierre “Pee” Thomas, CEO of the QC record label, made a tribute to the artist on social media.

Posting a photo of him on his Instagram page, he said, “Sad Day Bra. May God Keep Your Family.” On the label’s Instagram page, shared the cover art of his music and wrote, “Gone too soon but never forgotten. #RIPWavyNavyPooh.

Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas posts tribute to Wavy Navy Pooh after he was shot and killed on Friday. (Photo: @qcm_p)

Wavy Navy Pooh was driving in Miami with an infant, a 5-year-old, and another adult in the car when suddenly another car pulled up next to him and shot over 15 bullets with several of them hitting Pooh. Nobody else was injured.

Thomas also urged fans and contributors of hip-hop and rap music to stop idolizing the “streets.” In a Jan. 14 post, he said, “Streets don’t love nobody. Let’s glorify something else.”

Many of Thomas’ followers praised him for speaking out and attempting to use his voice to get others to stop praising the streets.

One person said, “​​This is huge coming from you or anyone in the industry with enough influence to actually make this happen. I love it.”


“Say it again for the people in the back.”

However, he did catch some flak for his tweet.

“Sign and push some more artists that ain’t on that street sh-t then.”

Artists under the QC label include Lil Baby, Migos, City Girls, and Lil Yachty.

Pooh is one of many rappers who have succumbed to gun violence.

In November, barely a week before Thanksgiving, Young Dolph was shot and killed at a Black-owned business called Makeda’s Cookies he frequently supported when he went back home to Memphis

Nipsey Hussle is another rapper who saw his life cut short after he was gunned down in front of his Marathon clothing store by a man he knew from his neighborhood in 2019.

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