‘This Isn’t Photoshopped?’: Fans Are Shocked at Whoopi Goldberg and Her Mom’s Resemblance

Whoopi Goldberg is shocking fans as a throwback photo of her and her mother goes viral once more on social media.

On Jan. 9, a Twitter user uploaded a photo of what looked like two Goldbergs. On the left was a smiling Goldberg, rocking her short locs and what appeared to be blue contacts. To the right, stood her mother, Emma Harris, and the two wrapped their arms around each other as they posed for the picture. Goldberg’s mom wasn’t looking at the camera like her daughter, but still wore the same warm smile as her daughter. It’s not clear where or when the picture was taken.

Whoopi Goldberg and her mother (Photo: @friedhoney/Twitter)

The fan who posted the photo said, “i hadn’t ever seen Whoopi Goldberg’s mother before this photo. Talk about a spitting image.”

Another fan showed another rare picture of the “Sister Act” actress and her mother. This time Goldberg’s locs appeared to be fuller as she stood in her mother’s arms with a slight grin. Her mom, on the other hand, continued to rock her low-cut afro.

“Talk about giving birth to yourself,” wrote the fan.

Many were so taken aback by the resemblance between mother and daughter that a few fans were initially thinking the picture was edited. “I thought this was a cute photoshopped image of young Whoopi with her arm around today’s Whoopi,” said one, “This isn’t photoshopped?” asked another.


“The View” host’s mother passed away in 2010 following a stroke, and the 66-year-old opened up about what she realized shortly after her death.

In a 2014 “Oprah’s Master Class” episode, she said, “There were no sad goodbyes, but for one thing,” Whoopi said in the video. “I realized a couple of days after she passed that no one would ever love me like that again. I wouldn’t put that kind of sparkle in anybody’s eye, you know? And you kind of know that, that person, those are your first loves. Those are the first people you tell your secrets to. Those are the people who hold you when it’s scary. That’s a big deal.”

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