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‘He Has The Power’: Whoopi Goldberg Credits Tyler Perry’s Mogul Status for Helping to Get Sister Act 3 Greenlit

Whoopi Goldberg appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Nov. 19 and the actress told Fallon that “Madea” creator Tyler Perry helped to get the green light for “Sister Act 3.”

Tyler is producing “Sister Act 3” along with Goldberg, who starred as Deloris Wilson in the first two “Sister Act” films and will reprise her character in the third film. “Sister Act 3” is currently in development and will debut on Disney+ when released.

Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act 3 Tyler Perry
Whoopi Goldberg appears with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Nov. 19, 2021. (Photo: “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”/ YouTube)

The actress credited Tyler for producing the film and noted his power in having a film greenlit because he owns his own studio in Atlanta. “The View” host had been a longtime supporter of making another sequel to the 1992 hit and the 1993 sequel, “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.”

The films are feel-good fan favorites with a blend of Goldberg’s comedic perfection, musical numbers and a story with a happy ending.

Tyler told The Hollywood Reporter that the country needs a feel-good movie right now, and another sequel to “Sister Act” could be just what people need. Tim Federle is directing the sequel.

“The script is being written, and I am the producer on it — not directing,” said Tyler. “We brought on an incredible director [Tim Federle] and Whoopi’s really excited. I think that this is just what the country needs. We need that feel-good moment in the movies where you go, ‘Oh my God, I left there singing.’ That’s my hope.”

The audience applauded when Fallon asked Goldberg about “Sister Act 3.”

“Listen, I’m so glad that were getting to do it,” replied Goldberg. “We’ve been askin’ and askin’ for about 15 years and finally somebody over at Disney + said, ‘Oh, yeah sure,’ and we were like, ‘Are you sure? Because everybody else was like, ‘Nobody wants to see it’ and the folks said, ‘we wanna see it,’ and I was like, ‘Cool.’ “

The movie mogul bought land to build a massive movie studio in 2015 in Atlanta, and Tyler had the grand opening for the studio in October 2019. Goldberg praised Tyler for producing the film.

“He’s the reason we were able to get it done because, you know, he has that kinda, umppph. He has power,” she said, adding that she told Tyler that she wanted to make the film. ” ‘I’d really like to get this move done’ and he was like, ‘What do you need?’ “

The EGOT winner went on to tell Tyler that producing the film would get the film made, and he did. Goldberg also discussed her experience working on her classic film “The Color Purple” during the segment.

She said that she met with the director of the film “E.T.,” Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson to perform her Broadway show for an audition at Amblin studios. Jones and author Alice Walker recommended the comedian for the movie version of “The Color Purple,” based on the novel by Walker.

She recalled Speilberg asking her if she had more material, but the material she had she was told not to use because it was about a Speilberg movie. “Ooooo, I was not supposed to do more,” said Goldberg.

Speilberg poked for her to do more jokes, and the comedian admitted that she had more material. “Well, yes, but I’m not sure you’re gonna like it,” conceded Goldberg.

When Spielberg said why, she replied, “‘Because it’s about BleT,’ and he said, ‘BleT?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, It’s about the Black E.T. And he lands in Oakland. And he’s in the projects with the kids.’ “

Goldberg landed the role, and the rest is cinema history.

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