‘Same Face Every Generation’: Jordyn Woods Sends Fans Into a Frenzy After She Uploads Family Photo

Jordyn Woods gave fans a peek of her family’s strong genes on Sunday, Jan. 9, after sharing a photo that featured her grandmother, mother Elizabeth Woods and younger sister Jodie Woods. 

In the Instagram post, Jordyn, who is wearing a black dress, spends quality time with her family during an outing. Although details surrounding the group’s exact location are unknown, the 24-year-old tagged the spot “Home Is Where the Family is.” 

Jordyn Woods (center right) showcased her family’s strong genes when uploading a photo with her grandmother (far left), mom (center left) Elizabeth Woods and sister Jodie Woods (far right). Photo:@jordynwoods/Instagram

Along with the Instagram location tag, Jordyn captioned the post, “three generations.” As the model’s upload began circulating on social media blog sites, many fans brought up how similar each individual looks to one another.


“Okay we see it runs through the family.”

“Quadruplets…talk about created the same face every generation.”

“The genes are strong and they all are beautiful.”

“Four of the same person at different ages.”

In addition to the comparison remarks, others kept mentioning the very strong resemblance between Jordyn and Jodie. One wrote, “Jordyn and her sister are the same person, and you can’t convince me otherwise. I’ve seen identical twins look less alike, lol.”

Another said, “They’re five years apart but look like identical twins!?” An Instagram user jokingly claimed that Jordyn’s mom Elizabeth gave birth to the same child twice. That person stated, “Your mom just birthed the same child twice and gave y’all different names.”

This isn’t the first time that Jordyn and Jodie had fans shocked by their striking similarities. Last year, the pair, which sported identical hairdos, uploaded a TikTok video where they compared their looks. In the February 2021 clip, Jordyn is seen mouthing words of a voiceover that says, “having a younger sister that looks exactly like you check.”

As the recording continues, Jordyn and Jodie lip-sync a snippet “I Am A Girl Like You” song from the film “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.” The sisters ended the clip by hugging each other after mouthing the lyrics, “I’m just like you, you’re just like me; it’s something everyone can see.”

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