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‘Mom Said Copy & Paste’: Jordyn Woods and Her Younger Sister Jodie Woods Participate In New TikTok That Leaves Fans Astounded

By now, fans of Jordyn Woods already know that she has a younger sister that looks just like her, but seeing how much they resemble when they are together still never gets old. What makes it even better is Jordyn and her sister Jodie acknowledge that they look the same. On Feb. 25, Jordyn uploaded a TikTok video to Instagram mouthing the words to a voiceover that said “having a younger sister that looks exactly like you check.”

Soon after, a snippet of the song “I Am A Girl Like You” from “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” film begins to play. As they lip-sync, “I’m just like you, you’re just like me; it’s something everyone can see,” they snuggle up close together, posing and smiling. Jordyn captioned the photo with the flushed emoji.

Jodie Woods and Jordyn Woods (Photo: @jodiewoods/Instagram)

Fans, including the sisters’ mom, Elizabeth Woods, were shocked by the resemblance.

She wrote, “That’s crazy even for me to see❤️ love you both ❤️❤️❤️.”

Someone else said, “No that sh-t really weird that y’all not the same age . Because y’all have the exact same face.”

Others gave credit to their mother, saying “D*mn! Your mom is a printer!! Legit twins lol,” and “Mom said copy & paste.”

Another fan compared Jordyn and Jodie to two other famous sisters. They said, “They look more alike than Chloe and Hailey (remember when we thought they were twins?).”

It didn’t help that the two sisters basically had on the same look as well. They both rocked ponytails with the side swoop and pinkish/nude-colored lip gloss.

Jordyn, 23, and Jodie, 15, also have two brothers, John and Joshua Woods. Their brother John Woods III is a model, according to his Instagram page. It appears that fitness is very important to him as well. Joshua is an artist who creates drawings and paintings. He also just recently welcomed his first child.

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