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‘Will The Real Jordyn Please Stand Up’: Jordyn Woods Confuses Fans with Her ‘Twin’ Younger Sister

Jordyn Woods and her younger sister Jodie may have a seven-year age gap between them, but when it comes to looks it’s hard not to think you are staring at twins.

Socialite Woods has embraced the fact that the public is constantly doing a double-take at the duo when they are captured together.

Jordyn and Jodie Woods
Jordyn and Jodie Woods have fans doing a double-take. (Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

She recently shared a photo of her and her sister along with the caption, “She does Jordyn better than Jordyn 🙄”

Fans agreeing with the twin vibes left an assortment of comments.

“Will the real Jordyn please stand up!!”

“I was confused a second there 😍,” wrote one person.

Another chimed in with, “Sis got ya whole face 😩😍”

“Oh so your mom out here making duplicates. She scan y’all?”

Jordyn and Jodie Woods
Jordyn and Jodie Woods have fans doing a double-take. (Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

Their mother, Elizabeth Woods, also shared one of the photos along with the caption, “Call me a printer,” and honestly truer words could not have been written.

Since 22-year-old Woods became somewhat of a household name, due in part to her dealings with the Kardashian clan, fans have clamored at the likeness shared between her and her 14-year-old sister.

But when fans are not working to figure out who’s who, they’re swooning over Woods’ curvy figure and her beauty that requires no makeup.

From pics and videos of her showing off her workouts, makeup looks and outfits, Woods regularly attracts social attention with thousands of likes and comments.

Since the dust has settled from the Tristan Thompson scandal, Woods has made sure to fully establish herself as a businesswoman — with checks flowing in from an eyelash line, luxury hair extensions, acting opportunities and fitness bands.

Losing her best friend Kylie Jenner may have felt like a setback at the time, but it has only proven to be a necessary part of her moving forward and expanding her horizons. Plus, she’s not lacking friends when she has Lori Harvey, singer Normani, actress Ryan Destiny and rapper Fabolous‘ daughter Taina Williams to call on.

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