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‘You’re Gonna Help Me Take a Walk on the Wild Side’: Ciara Faces Her Fears Alongside Normani

While guest hosting on the daytime talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” singer Ciara publicly faced one of her fears along with fellow singer Normani and the show’s co-executive producer, tWitch. 

In the clip shared to “theellenshow” Instagram account, the singer revealed that she was scared of spiders and ended up coming face to face with a trio of them. “My guest host @ciara and @normani are facing their fears of spiders today. @sir_twitch_alot,” read the caption.

Ciara attempting to hold a spider while guest hosting on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”
(Photo: @theellenshow/screenshot/Instagram)

The video started with Ciara saying, “It’s December 30th, and this year has been about conquering fears for me. Now, one fear I still have is spiders.” She turned to Normani and said, “You’re gonna help me take a walk on the wild side and meet some spiders,” acknowledging Normani’s hit song “Wild Side.”

Offering a bit of encouragement, the spider wrangler, Josh, said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Both women did a good job of not completely freaking out. Ciara held all three spiders and Normani even stroked the baby one that they first encountered. 

Josh, the spider wrangler, holds a full-grown tarantula while Ciara, Normani and tWitch watch.
(Photo: @theellenshow/Screenshot/Instagram)

Through a lot of “Oh Jesus” reactions from Ciara, they managed to hold all three spiders and even tWitch proved more jumpy than them. He held the full-grown third spider, which initially was hesitant when he put out his hand. Once the spider was on his hand, it leapt to the floor, causing them all to scream. 

In addition to sharing her very hands-on experience with the spiders, Ciara also surprised a school dance teacher from Chicago, Jasmine Cooper, who had recently posted a video of her dancing with her students. 

Cooper thought she was merely going to be getting a backstage tour of the show when the audience along with Ciara waited for her to arrive. 

Ciara said that she really felt connected to her because Cooper is a single mom and Ciara used to be a single mom. They talked about Cooper’s children, teaching dance and her students. “It’s a way to express themselves,” Cooper said of dance.

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