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‘I Could Never’: Fans Applaud Ciara for Her Bravery After She Conquers a Fear on Her Vacation

Ciara is showing off her bravery and facing her fears.

The singer, who is currently taking another girl’s trip with her friends Vanessa Bryant and La La Anthony in Mexico, decided to “Level Up” her vacation a notch and do something other than her usual fun-in-the-sun activities.

Ciara recently conquered her fear of snakes before things took a turn. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

Standing in a green swimsuit and white cover-up pants near the beautiful water in the Aug. 19 Instagram video, the mother of three swayed her hips as she held a large and yellow Burmese python around her neck. At first, she seemed to be holding the snake with ease while explaining that she has “Queen Mamba mentality, baby” — a play off the “mamba mentality” phrase Bryant’s late husband legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant, used about himself.

An unfamiliar voice in the background told Ciara she liked the phrase. Shortly afterward, with a smile on her face, Ciara assured her friends that she was “feeling it,” and Anthony, who could not be seen but is heard in the background, jokingly taunted Ciara, telling her, “Oh, now you feeling it.” Ciara then began to channel pop singer Britney Spears, who performed at the VMA’s in 2001 with a python on her neck. Within seconds the moment took a hilarious turn as the snake slithered its way up to Ciara’s face.

All the jokes stopped for Ciara and she quickly said, “OK, get him” while trying to keep a calm composure. Once the snake was off Ciara, she did a “1, 2 Step” over to Anthony and giggled as her son Future laughed loudly near her.

In the caption, she wrote, “Overcame another one of my fears… and let’s just say… That went fast 😂 🐍 La with the hype talk 😂😂 @VanessaBryant @lala #QueenMambaMentality,” and the 35-year-old received over 3,000 likes on the video.

Fans chimed in on the moment with one saying, “I could never,” and another writing, “That snake wanted a kiss so bad lol.”

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