‘Pastor DeVon, Leave the Acting to Meagan’: Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin’s Separate End-Of-Year Posts Amid Divorce Has Fans Picking Sides

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good’s run at having a united front may be over less than two weeks after announcing their decision to divorce.

The couple who announced their split just days before Christmas have found their love, or in this case love loss, the topic of discussion as many question “what went wrong?” Although the “Harlem” actress and Franklin made an attempt at presenting the separation as an amicable decision, fans doing a deep-dive into their respective end-of-year posts about new beginnings to come in 2022 can’t resist drawing their own conclusions. 

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin. (Photo: @meagangood/Instagram, @devonfranklin/Instagram)

Before the clock struck 12 marking the start of the new year Good posted a series of photos of herself draped in a green floral gown, her hair in her signature locs, and her left hand sans a wedding ring on full display.

“2021..you brought me the highest life changing affirming highs..and the lowest gut wrenching soulbreaking lows ..although I’m grieving..I’m also in glorious awe and thankfulness to you God,” she wrote as the caption. “2021, all endings are also beginnings, so goodbye m’dear. 2022, can’t wait to see what the beginning of this next act of life brings. Lord I trust you.” The post was later edited, excluding the line that reads, “so goodbye m’dear,” but not before curious fans were able to put their spin on the matter. 

“She definitely glowing more than she was in that marriage [crying emoji] sis said she’s free,” wrote one person.

“She about to be on her Stella got her groove back.”

“This relationship and their statements confuse me sooo much God help us all!,” wrote another.

Franklin, on the other hand, was not the recipient of an influx of high praises as he ventures back to bachelor status. While sharing a tearful photo of himself he wrote, “I took this picture a few months ago, I’m not much of a crier, so in a moment of deep pain and peace, I took this picture. It captures best how I feel,” he wrote. 

The Hollywood film executive went on to say that his wish for everyone, himself included, is to have a “true” year instead of the standard new year. “I’m breaking my addiction to the ‘new’ and working on being fully committed to what’s ‘true.’” He continues to list that true love and happiness are among his top requests for 2022. Like his soon to be ex-wife, Franklin further acknowledged the pain of the separation, while also revealing he would be stepping back from social platforms for the time being. 

“I am fully in pain and peace as we start 2022 and that’s the truest place for me to be. As the great philosopher Wyclef [Jean] 🙂 said: ‘I’ll be gone til November…’ earning I’m taking a break from posting on social for awhile, maybe not until November but you get the point.”

“It’s giving Tyrese,” commented a social media drawing a comparison between Franklin and the singer who is often clowned for recording himself crying and sharing it with the world in the past.

“At this point he is seeking attention something off about him and this picture he decided to take of himself [face palm emoji]”

“Pastor DeVon, leave the acting to Meagan. Bye sir”

Unfortunately for Franklin this is the second moment in which speaking, even if loosely, on the demise of his marriage has caused fans to scratch their head in confusion instead of offering up words of compassion. Just days after announcing their nearly ten-year marriage was over, Franklin was asked if he and Meagan would remain friends. He responded, “Man, that’s the love of my life.”

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