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‘What a View’: Halle Berry’s Birthday Suit Makes an Appearance While the Actress Vacations with Her Boyfriend Van Hunt  

Halle Berry left fans speechless on Dec. 28 after uploading a semi-nude photo while enjoying her getaway trip to an undisclosed location. 

In the Instagram post, the relaxed actress, lying in a bed that appeared to be next to a pool or a lagoon, smiled and wore almost next to nothing as she covered herself with a white comforter. In the caption, Berry simply wrote“vacay drip.”

Halle Berry stuns fans after uploading a semi-nude photo while enjoying her getaway with boyfriend Van Hunt at an undisclosed location. @halleberry/Instagram

A few hours later, the 55-year-old shared another image on her page, a foot photo featuring her boyfriend of over a year, Van Hunt. Berry basked in that sentimental moment by writing, “even our feet go together…” As fans viewed the star’s Instagram post, many marveled over Berry’s beauty. A few mentioned how the “B.A.P.S” star was a sight to wake up to. 

“That would be a nice sight to wake up to.”

“Your after glow is shining through.”

“What a view!”

“Now that’s a view to wake up to.”

“Your most perfect picture!!”

Halle Berry and Van Hunt’s feet shot during their getaway at an undisclosed location.Photo:@halleberry/Instagram

In addition to the positive remarks about Berry’s beauty, several others told the actress to enjoy her time off following a work-filled year. One wrote, “That looks so peaceful, enjoy every moment of it!” Another said, “Ah…Perfect way to just enjoy the time to slip by.” 

An Instagram user stated, “Yesss enjoy! You’ve been grinding and you deserve it.”

Berry’s most recent role was in Netflix’s “Bruised.” She played Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice in a film about a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter that ultimately takes another shot in the cage after her son that she gave up as an infant unexpectedly comes back into her life. 

Last month during an interview with USA Today, Berry shared the reason why she fought so hard to make this movie was because she wanted people to look at her craft rather than her sex appeal. 

She said while disclosing how she grew numb to being a sex symbol, “It’s one of the reasons I fought so hard to make this movie. Because being objectified that way is something I’ve come to realize I can’t do anything about. All I can do is fight to do movies like this where I’m not.”

“Bruised” was also Berry’s directorial debut.

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