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‘I Failed So Many Times’: Halle Berry Reveals How She Knows Van Hunt Is the One

Halle Berry is still falling head over heels for her man Van Hunt.

The Oscar-winning actress accepted the Career Achievement Award at the 4th-Annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television where she spoke about finding true love within her relationship with Hunt.

Halle Berry and Van Hunt (Photo: @vanhunt/Instagram)

After speaking about her growth as an actor and now a director, in the course of her 30-year-career, she said “You know, I finally found love this year everybody. I know you all have been on this painful journey with me! You’ve watched me fail and fail and fail and fail.”

Berry has been married and divorced three times. She’s walked down the aisle to David Justice, a former baseball player, Eric Benét, who is an R&B singer and songwriter and Oliver Martinez. The 55-year-old continued, “Besides directing my first movie, I also found the love of my life and I know it’s true and this is how I know it’s true.”

She added, “Because you fail so many times, you know what wrong looks like,” she said. “And because I failed so many times, I now know what [love] really looks like.”

Hunt, who is a singer and songwriter, has never shied away from professing his love for Berry. In fact, he recently wrote a lengthy piece about Berry called “Feet to the Fire” and said it was “The article I wish someone would write about Halle Berry.”

In a snippet of it, he talked about her independence and her ability to take matters into her own hands. “Halle waits on nothing and leads the rhythm where she wants it to go,” he said. “She knows that magic is made, and she was not made for waiting on it to happen. It could be interpreted as controlling, but a more obvious explanation is that this man’s world has made this woman acutely aware that survival is a thing that must be secured, not hoped for.”

He added, “No one ever discusses this tenacity when describing her. they speak of beauty and favorite movies, but never of heart. it is nigh impossible to peer inside Halle without noticing her heart; and the principles that make it thump.”

It’s not clear when their relationship actually began, but Berry confirmed it on Instagram in September 2020.

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