‘I Wanted to Take a Break Before I Got to My Breaking Point’: Cynthia Bailey’s Main Post-‘RHOA’ Goal Is to Protect Her ‘Peace Bubble’

Cynthia Bailey is trading in reality TV antics for dramatic roles in pursuit of personal peace and her next chapter, which for the first time in her career includes focusing on flexing her acting muscles.

The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member has been booked and busy since surprising fans with news that she wouldn’t be returning to the show’s 14th season. Although her decision to step away from the series was partially driven by wanting to protect her union with her husband Mike Hill, the model admits that finding her next gig was also high on the priority list after leaving “RHOA.”

Cynthia Bailey. (Photo: @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

“Once I decided to leave ‘Housewives,’ the focus became on finding me another job [laughs]. That’s part of the next chapter,” she told Essence. “You talk about this next chapter, then you have to start writing [it]. So my focus was to just be out in L.A. with my kids and my husband and focus on work. It’s been great, honestly. I didn’t think doors would open up as quickly as they did. I kind of feel like I need a break, to be honest. It’s been overwhelmingly amazing, the response that I’ve gotten and the opportunities coming my way.”

Bailey, who landed a recurring role as Ndasia on BET’s “Games People Play” and appeared in Peacock’s “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,” is just as curious to see where her acting career takes her as her fans. “I’ve never focused on acting until now. I’m excited to see how far I go with this because I really am enjoying this part of my life,” she said, adding, “As a reality star you just play yourself. I’m really enjoying that if I ever want to be involved in some drama, it’s because of my character.”

Bailey’s budding acting career also fits within the “peace bubble” that she’s created for her life, unlike the reality TV format that nearly pushed her to her “breaking point.”

“I’m no longer pulled out of the peace bubble, I just get to focus on things that I want to do, that I enjoy doing, being able to work in a different way that isn’t drama-based. I’ll just say that,” she shared. “That alone, just taking that out of the equation gave me peace.”

Cynthia Bailey is making new career moves and protecting her peace. @cynthiabailey/Instagram

“It’s been 11 years, and I love being a part of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ and I’ll never say I’ll never ever consider going back,” she continued. “I loved being a part of the ‘Girls Trip.’ But I think everybody needs a break sometimes, and I wanted to take a break before I got to my breaking point. And just reboot and reset and be in my peace. That’s where I am now, and it feels great.”

Now that she’s put her time as a “housewife” behind her, The Bailey Wine Cellar owner can enjoy her family with the support of her husband.

“Mike is supportive either way,” she told “Page Six” in October. “But I think he is very excited for me to to be in on television in other ways, something a little less drama based.”

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