‘That Ain’t How You Spell My Name!’: Yung Joc Reacts to Confusing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle That Tripped Up Contestants and Viewers

Yung Joc is just as thrown as everyone else after thinking he was the answer to a bonus round of “Wheel of Fortune.”

On Dec. 20 the game show tripped up viewers and contestant Kennise Miller when she chose the category of “person” for a puzzle whose answer could only be satisfied with two words and a total of nine letters. Already on the board was – – -N – and – – C -. Miller did not have a single guess before the buzzer sounded to end the round. “WOF” host Pat Sajak then asked, “How close were you to saying young jock?” as it was revealed on the board. “Very far away from that,” said Miller with a laugh. 

Rapper Yung Joc pokes fun at confusing “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle that stumped fans and contestants who thought his name was the answer. (Photo: @joclive/Instagram)

Reactions to the perplexing answer appeared on social media, where users slammed the show for not only misspelling the rapper Yung Joc’s name, but also accused the show of cheating. 

“Wheel of Fortune who the hell is ‘young jock ??? That lady should have redo”


“Wheel of Fortune you all cheated tonight bonus round contestants. His name is ‘Yung Joc’ not ‘Young Jock.’ C’mon guys!”


“Did they just misspell Young Joc on wheel of fortune as Young Jock…And the fact that a rapper is even the end of game puzzle answer in the first place…What is going on”


Not one to miss out on a trending opportunity involving his namesake, the rapper who is famously known for his 2006 hit record “It’s Goin’ Down” made a video superimposing himself into the bonus round.

“That ain’t how you spell my d—n name! Aye, Pat Sajak, that ain’t how you spell my name. That’s nine letters. It’s supposed to be seven: Y-U-N-G J-O-C,” the reality TV and radio personality said. He then makes the distinction that several others online made between himself and an actual jock. 

“Oh, they ain’t talking about me?” he said while looking at someone outside of the camera’s view. “Oh, they just talking about a young jock, a young athlete. Yeah, I knew that, I knew that.”

While Miller may have missed out on extra money, she still managed to walk away triumphant with $28,200 and a trip to Maui, Hawaii. As for Joc, he racked up a few laughs and managed to be a talking point sans relationship drama or a questionable hairdo. 

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