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‘That Felt Like the Movie Already’: Taraji P. Henson Shocks Fans After Posting ‘Baby Boy’ Audition Video with Tyrese

Taraji P.Henson stunned fans on Friday, Dec. 17, after she posted a resurfaced clip of her “Baby Boy” audition video with her co-star Tyrese Gibson.

In the 2001 drama, directed by the late John Singleton, Henson plays Gibson’s main love interest, named Yvette, in a film that follows the life of a young misguided Black man as he learns to navigate through life while living in the hood of Los Angeles, California. This specific role made Henson a household name, despite her having worked on previous projects.

Taraji P. Henson’s fans applauded the actress’ performance in her “Baby Boy” audition tape. Photo:@tarajiphenson/Instagram

In the Instagram clip, the 51-year-old is seen having a volatile conversation with Gibson as she accuses him of cheating. The video starts with Gibson rushing off the phone as Henson lies on the couch. He said, ” Yeah, we are trying to save money on our phone. Later, all right.”

As Gibson hangs up the phone, Henson jumps in and asks him why he hung up on the unidentified woman. While addressing Gibson by nickname for his character Joseph Summers, she said, “Jody, why you hang up on her?” He said that he would talk to the unnamed woman later and suggested that Henson clean the place instead of worrying about the call.

When Henson asked Gibson about his late-night activities, things began to get heated. “You gonna sit there with a straight face and tell me y’all didn’t do nothing last night,” she said. When Gibson responded, “no,” Henson claimed that he was lying because he was spotted attending an “after-hours joint” on Crenshaw and even went to a private section with one of the entertainers.

An after-hours joint can be used to describe many things like a lounge, bar or saloon, but in this case Henson was referring to a strip club. The conversation came to a head when Henson lectured Gibson about being with “those nasty girls.”

She said, “Why you got to be around those nasty girls? You know they do that s–t every night. You know how many d–k they suck every night, and you going to go down there with all the rest of them like a f–king fool. You better not bring me nothing back from these nasty b–s.”

The recording wraps with Henson getting physical with Gibson by slapping him and leaping toward his back as she kicks him out. In addition to the intense audition video, Henson reminisced about the movie that “changed” her life.

She wrote, “OMG!! Our #BabyBoy audition @tyrese The movie that changed it ALL!! I remember this like it was yesterday—Imma have to watch it this weekend And of course, RIP to the one and only John Singleton.”

As fans viewed the upload, many expressed how great the audition was. One user went as far as to say that watching that scene felt like watching the actual movie.

“OKAAAAAAY this audition should win an Oscar.”

“Crazy that this is the audition.”

“Damn. Audition?! That felt like the movie already.”

“I see why you got the part!”

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