‘Give Taraji Her MF Flowers’: Taraji P. Henson Reveals She Finished Filming Tyler Perry’s ‘Acrimony’ In Five Days While Also Starring In ‘Empire’

Taraji P. Henson shared on Aug. 6 that her scenes in 2018’s “Acrimony” were shot in only five days because of her prior commitment to her show “Empire.” “Acrimony,” which was written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry, was a film about a woman who decided to seek revenge against her ex-husband. 

In the post, Henson shared a clip from the psychological thriller alongside a caption disclosing how she was worried about failing because of her limited time on set. “I filmed my role in Acrimony in FIVE DAYS in the middle of playing Cookie on @Empire!! Tyler Perry told me I could do it, so of course, I believed him 💪🏾. I was soooo afraid I would fail because I had no time to get into character (so I thought)!”

Taraji P. Henson disclosed in new post that she wrapped up Tyler Perry’s film “Acrimony” in five days because she was also juggling her starring role in “Empire.” @tarajiphenson/Instagram

The 50-year-old added that since taking on that challenge, she realized “something new” about her acting abilities. ” I learned something new about my instrument on this production. We also had no time for a lot of takes so EVERY scene was about two takes…maybe three and then it was time to move on!! WOW.”

Henson, who starred in the musical series “Empire” alongside Terrence Howard from 2015 to 2020, didn’t disclose the exact time when she shot the film. But given the timeline of “Acrimony’s” release, which was March 2018, she could have possibly been filming season 4 of her hit Fox series, which aired from September 2017 to May 2018. 

Upon Henson’s revelation about her short stint on the set, many fans applauded the actress on a job well done. 


“Only a true born legend can do this! Give Taraji her mf flowers 💐🐐!.”

“She is talented period !!!”

“She understood tf out of this assignment 🙌🏼🔥.”

“She crazy talented.”

Despite Henson’s many accomplishments in the entertainment industry, which included a Golden Globe Award for her role as Cookie Lyon in “Empire” and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the 2009 film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” the actress claimed in a previous interview she felt overshadowed in Hollywood.

She told The Guardian that prior to her landing her lead role in “Empire” that the industry didn’t know what to do with her because of her willingness to play any character.

“I don’t think Hollywood quite knew what to do with me,” Henson said. “They didn’t grasp my talent. I’m like a musician. Give me the sheet music and I’ll play you anything. I wanna play a wizard! A warlock! Put makeup on me. Make me a long-nosed witch, some Harry Potter fantasy thing. Take me out of my body. Make me fly. Put me in a muscle suit, a mask, put me in a — I don’t know — a fatsuit. I’ll play Jabba the Hutt. I’ll play anything!”

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