‘That Beard Just Won’t Connect’: Tyrese Gibson Reminisces Over ‘Baby Boy,’ But Co-Star Taraji P. Henson Gets Distracted By His Facial Hair

Tyrese Gibson is taking his fans on a trip down memory lane.

The actor was in Los Angeles recently reminiscing with his fans about his 2001 movie “Baby Boy” which was filmed in the same city. In the film, there was a particular scene where Gibson’s character, Jodie, almost got shot by Rodney, who was played by Snoop Dogg. The first slide of the post was a video of Gibson showing his fans standing in the neighborhood and in front of the house where the scene took place.

Tyrese Gibson reminisces on scene from “Baby Boy” fans point out beard. (Photo: @tyrese/Instagram)

The other five slides of the post were snapshots of the scene so that it could jog his fans’ memories and so he could show what the house looked like in the film. He wrote, “Who remember this scene in Baby Boy? I haven’t been back to this house since we shot this scene. … Wow.” Fans of the classic film reminiscenced with Gibson.

“Best movie I ever watched. Hope there is a second one coming up,” said one fan. Another decided to correct Gibson, who said his character got shot in the video. The fan said, “No you didn’t got shot, baby boy, you almost got shot I think you forgot.”

While it was a nice memory for some, others were too distracted by Gibson’s beard. He rarely wears a beard and typically his face is completely shaven but the times he has tried to grow his beard out it seems to lack fullness.

Focusing on the thinness of the hair on his face, fans and peers of the former R&B singer let off a few jokes. One person was his “Baby Boy” love interest, Taraji P. Henson. She commented,“Poor stinka. That beard just won’t connect. We gon have ‘build a beard’ for you papa.”

Others wrote, “That beard better be for a movie role though… It’s not your thing..,” and “Tyrese, I have hair growth serum that can fill your beard up. Let me know if you want it. ..I gotchu. Peace and love.”

Gibson has yet to respond to the jokes but he has since shaved the thinning parts of the hair leaving just the mustache and the chin hair.

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