‘You Act Just Like Shai’: Bow Wow’s Silly Video with Jermaine Dupri Has Fans Comparing the Rapper to His Daughter

Bow Wow left fans hollering on Thursday, Dec. 16, after uploading a video of himself taunting his mentor Jermaine Dupri as he slept.

In the Instagram clip, the 34-year-old, who appeared to be on a private jet, is seen lip-syncing to Twista’s 2004 hit “Slow Jamz” featuring Jamie Foxx and Kanye West.

Bow Wow’s silly video has fans comparing his personality to his 10-year-old daughter, Shai Moss. Photo:@shadmoss/Instagram

In addition to the lip movements, Bow Wow also pretended to give Dupri a belly massage as he informed his followers in the caption that the mogul is in a sleep coma because he indulged in “too much” vegan ice cream. 

The “Let Me Hold You” lyricist wrote, while mentioning he needs to start acting his age given his latest antics, “I have to grow up! I don’t know when I will, but I seriously HAVE to start acting my age. Jd had too much of his vegan ice cream. I BROUGHT THE FINGERS OUT!! and [whoever] cut my music off, I’m kicking they a–.”

As fans began to view the post, many encouraged Bow Wow to remain a child at heart despite his comment of needing to grow up.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a kid at heart, you see the world through different eyes. Keep that young spirit alive!”

“Don’t lose the kid in you.”

“Keep laughing and enjoying life is all you’re doing.”

“It good to tap into our childlike energy. Be you at all times.”

Bow Wow and Shai Moss Photo:@shadmoss/Instagram

“No don’t ever grow up.”

Among the reassuring remarks, other people brought up how Bow Wow’s personality reminded them of the “Like You” emcee’s 10-year-old daughter, Shai Moss. One wrote, “You act just like Shai, or should I say she acts just like you lmfaoooo I love it.”

Another said, “We see where Shai gets her silliness from.” A third Instagram user stated, “Ok, we see why Shai funny af.”

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