Wendy Williams Reveals She Won’t Be Back in January as She Announces Month’s Lineup of Guest Hosts

As Wendy Williams continues to take a leave of absence from her talk show due to health complications, her team is making sure the show goes on.

Since her absence she has been replaced by a few guest hosts, such as Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Sherri Shepherd, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and loads more. A new post was uploaded to her Instagram page on Wednesday, Dec. 8, revealing the next set of guest hosts she will have entering the new year.

Wendy Williams announces new guest hosts for show. (Photo: @wendyshow/Instagram)

Fat Joe, Remy Ma, and Sherri Shepherd will be returning in January along with Michael Rapaport, Kym Whitley, and Finesse Mitchell. Shepherd and Rapaport will each get their own week to host, while Remy Ma and Fat Joe and Whitley and Mitchell will co-host the other two weeks.

It’s not clear when Williams, 57, will be returning, and fans seem to be getting impatient about her return. Under the announcement about January’s guest hosts, one person wrote, “It’s time for an official update already…we been waiting too long!”

For several months, Williams has been dealing with fatigue from her Graves’ disease, and her health began to decline fast in September when it was revealed that she had contracted COVID-19. Rumors circulated that Williams’ show was getting canceled, and several outlets even reported that she was confined to a wheelchair and was experiencing early signs of dementia.

However, her brother Tommy Williams quickly debunked the rumors regarding her mental health two weeks ago. He told The Sun, “We haven’t had any alerts like that, and I haven’t seen anything like that or have had conversations with her that would lead me to believe that.” He later added, “we don’t have any concerns concerning her mental state. It’s all physical.”

But it appears even her physical health has been looking more on the up and up. A recent video revealed Williams walking out of a health care facility in Miami and into a black SUV. When asked by a questioner how she was doing, she replied, “Wendy is doing fabulous.”

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