Nicki Minaj Attempts to Shut Down Divorce Rumors Following Onstage ‘Sneaky Life’ Rant and Tearful Video About Motherhood

Nicki Minaj’s Barbz are concerned about their queen after recent footage of her hit the internet. In some clips the New York rapper seems to be talking about not wanting to be in love and in another, she’s tearful and seems to bemoan how moms are undervalued.

These bizarre videos have sparked intense speculation among the femcee’s devoted fans. Many are wondering if the “Anaconda” superstar and her husband are having troubles in their marriage or if she is simply being her usually kooky self.

Kenneth Petty Nicki Minaj
Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj. (Photo: @nickiminaj / Instagram

One video that prompted concern was posted on her Instagram Stories on Monday, June 10. The star is wearing a pink satin bonnet and robe as she speaks directly to her fans and seems to have been crying.

Minaj says in the video, “One day, they’re yelling ‘push’ and you’re in pain. Then one day, comes out a beautiful baby boy.”

“To God be the glory. Congratulations to every mama out there, you’re doing a great job. In case no one’s told you that, you’re doing a great job,” she whispered into the camera.

Many of the fans saw this and immediately wanted to check in on the celebrity’s mental health, saying, “Just saw Nicki’s IG story and now I’m worried and I don’t even know what’s up with her.”

Another said, “This made my heart sink, I pray she’s alright. #weloveyounicki.”

Fans were also concerned after seeing a video where she appeared to be intoxicated.

Two other videos that sparked concern were from her Pink Friday 2 World tour.

It seems that the Young Money artist has included in her set a segment where she says, “I don’t want to be loved. I don’t want to love anyone.”

“All its ever done was taken away my powers to be a machine,” Minaj continued, according to a partial clip from her Sunday, June 9, show in Paris at the Accor Arena. “I’d rather be lied to than loved. I’d rather be not with that person in my face all day but having a secret life and a sneaky life behind my back.”

@lennard_kgl Did she give us a hint in Berlin? 👀 @Nicki Minaj #gagcity #nickiminaj #single #relationship #pinkfriday2 #tour #gagcitytour #viral #fyp #fy #barbz ♬ Originalton – Lennard

In another clip from her Friday, June 7, concert in Berlin, Germany, show at the Uber Arena Minaj said, “And if you ever felt loved and then it left … let it … because there is something way more beautiful waiting in store for you.”

Fans weighed in, with one saying, “This tour is waking her up that queen sleeze persona is finally leaving and shes getting her superpowers back.”

Another replied, “She’s legit remembering who she is fr.”

A few fans on TikTok said that these are not the first times that she has hinted that she’s no longer in love with love. One said, “She’s been talking about being in love and moving on  but this is way deeper than any other show and especially Birmingham UK she did was I was there.”

Another TikTok user wrote, “I know she doesn’t speak on her personal life often and I hope she’s okay..sometimes there’s nothing wrong with single life.”

And single life is what seems to be in the plans for the platinum-selling artist.

After the performances and the emotional Instagram Story, she wrote, “Yes Single,” on X.

The problem is no one knows if the “Pink Friday” artist plans to drop a new single or if she and Petty, who recently was allowed to travel with her overseas on tour, are single.

Either way, all eyes are on Mrs. Minaj Petty as fans wait to see what’s next, whether she’s leaving her husband or setting up for some other surprise.

To quiet the rumors about her family, the Grammy-nominated rapper shared a video of herself with her husband and their son, affectionately known on social media as Papa Bear, boarding their private jet en route to the next destination of her world tour.

“Oh she stopped them allegations and FAST!!!” wrote one person. Another said, “Rumors often carried by haters. Nicki said we’ll not on my watch and family name. #ThePettyfamily.”

Despite the bizarre videos that have gone viral online, Minaj has not publicly spoken on her relationship status, leaving concerned fans in limbo as they await further updates.

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