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‘I’m Continuing to Understand and Know Myself’: Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Feeling Sexier As She Ages

Kelly Rowland is opening up about her feelings as a first-time mom — from embarking into motherhood to misconceptions about body image and more.

Rowland, the mother of two boys, Titus and Noah, shared her perspective while promoting her new TV movie, “Merry Liddle Christmas Baby.” In the Lifetime Television movie, she plays a pregnant woman, Jacquie Liddle, who is going through all of the anticipation that someone feels when they are a first-time mom.  

Kelly Rowland with sons Noah and Titus and husband Tim Weatherspoon
Photo: @kellyrowland/Instagram

The singer shared with “Access Interview” about her first-time mom jitters. “I was petrified, you know? Especially because, of course, it’s your first and you don’t know what to expect,” Rowland said.

Once she had baby number two, Noah, who is going to be turning one in January 2022, she was much more relaxed. “And with Noah, I’m just very chill.” Rowland said. She even went on to say, “It’s not fair that he said ‘Dada’ first.” Noah is learning to crawl and Rowland thinks he’ll be walking within the next couple of weeks. 

One question that Rowland addressed is if she felt like she was getting sexier as she got older, and how she feels in that regard, especially after having children. “I’m continuing to understand and know myself and I think that that’s a blessing,” she said.

“It’s so funny because I heard a girlfriend of mine tell me a man told her, ‘Make sure you have your babies way later in life because after you have a baby you won’t feel sexy.’ And I was like ‘You should never say that to anyone.’ J.Lo, Beyoncé, like all of these different women having children and they’re thriving. They’re gorgeous. They’re stronger than ever. So that no longer needs to be anywhere in a discussion at all,” Rowland said.

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