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‘He’s Literally In the Way’: Kelly Rowland Shares Adorable Video of Her Son Titan Crashing Intimate Moment with Her Husband

Kelly Rowland reminisced about the early days of quarantine on Dec. 27 when she shared clips of her 6-year-old son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon interrupting her alone time with her husband and manager Tim Weatherspoon.

In the recordings, Rowland is seen holding Titan as she and her husband are slow dancing to Sabrina Claudio’s 2017 hit, “Stand Still.” The singer jokingly expressed that her son must be bored as she swayed side to side. She wrote, “Video Dump: Top of Quarantine, when you’re making forts, and trying to have a moment with yo’ husband….and the kid cuts in. P.S. he know he bored. Lol.”

Many of Rowland’s fans mentioned how the star’s son needed to go to bed so that the couple can have time to themselves.

Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon slow dancing as their son crashes the intimate moment. @kellyrowland/Instagram

“He said ‘ain’t nobody getting no curry tonight’ 😩😂😂.”

“awwww 😂😂 kids really be jealous & Territorial.”

“He needt to go to bed. It’s adult time😂”

“He’s literally in the way💀😂.”

“Kids be the biggest C-blockers! Like damn go eat a hot Cheeto or something 😩😭😭.”

Earlier this year, Rowland discussed the importance of keeping her marriage a priority, especially during quarantine, as she spends her downtime homeschooling her son. 

The “Coffee” singer said during a May interview with People magazine that the couple attends therapy every week to keep an open dialogue. “If I wasn’t taking the time to get to know myself better in this crisis, we would be struggling. We go to therapy every week and we’re so proud of it. It’s just to keep the relationship and the space of communication open, [so we’re] ready for each other. I have a husband who supports me and is there for me and loves me and I’m the same for him. I met my best friend. There’s nothing that we can’t talk about.”

Rowland added when she sought advice from an older couple about the fundamental reason why people break up, they said it was “money and communication.” Since then, the expectant mother has made it her mission to discuss everything with her husband regardless of the subject. 

Rowland also addressed how “role play” keeps the pair’s spark alive.

“As far as sex is concerned, I’m like, ‘Well, if I have to play dress up and do role-play, honey, if I need to be Alicia tonight and give you a surprise in the middle of the night or something, then it needs to happen. We spice things up a bit and keep it fun.”

The couple got married in 2014 and are expecting their second child.

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