‘Still Don’t Look a Day Over 30’: Toni Braxton’s Ageless Appearance Stuns Fans Over, and Over Again

Toni Braxton’s beauty is just as timeless as her hit records.

The singer dropped her first luxury fragrance, Breathe, in October, and she continues to fan the fire of admiration from her swooning fans. Braxton, 54, has countless videos and photos showing off her beauty, but her latest post showing her in a gold, shimmery dress and rocking a platinum blond haircut still has fans shook.  

Toni Braxton. (Photo: @tonibraxton/Instagram)

“How is it that you still don’t look a day over 30 [raise hands emoji] such a goddess,” one fan wrote. A few others commented, “Still beautiful as ever,” and “Just GORGEOUS!”

The clip is only six seconds and set to Braxton’s 1993 hit record “Breathe Again.” Given the nature of social media, where there is praise there is also criticism. Despite the flood of praise for her beauty, at least one person is convinced that Braxton donning barely there tresses is more like a sour note. “Toni used to be so beautiful she just look ridiculous these days with that bald head,” commented a critic. 

Throughout her decades-long career the singer has rocked various short-hair looks, as well as a bevy of wigs of various lengths and colors. But in April she took things to a new low when revealing her buzz cut while red-hot thong bikini. 

The post had fans stunned equally by her physique and haircut. Similarly, Braxton’s friend and fellow celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith shocked her following when she debuted a big chop of her own last summer.

While Braxton switching up her look appears to be an expression of her creativity, Pinkett Smith revealed her cut was inspired by her and husband Will Smith’s 20-year-old daughter Willow, who had also done the big chop. The “Matrix Reloaded” actress shared that as she stepped into her 50th year of life the alignment of the haircut seemed divine. 

“Willow made me do it because it was time to let go BUT … my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed,” she wrote.

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